September 9 - 10 2015

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Meeting venue

At the Microsoft campus outside Redmond, WA in Microsoft Building 99. The building address is 14820 NE 36th St, Redmond, WA 98052. The parking garage is to the east of the building.

We will be meeting in Conf Room 1919 in Building 99. The conf room is towards the left hand side once you enter the main entrance of Building.

Suitable hotels

For folks that don't mind driving a little bit to the Microsoft campus, Redmond Town Center is a great place to stay. There are many restaurants in the area within walking distance. Here are a couple options.

For folks who prefer walking, they can try the following one.

Remote attendance

IRC: #webrtc channel on W3C's IRC server

Audio conference:

 Join WebEx meeting:
 Meeting number:     646 896 300 
 Meeting password:   webrtc
 Join by phone:      +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number


Sept 9

Morning - WebRTC (0900-1200)

  • Bashing, scribe,
  • View of status of document
  • Sort out and decide open items
    • Sender/receivers (Peter T?)
      • Parameters
      • Capabilities
      • Create without track
      • Transport objects (ICE, DTLS)

Afternoon slot 1 (1300-1500) - WebRTC continued

  • SenderReceivers continued
    • Iterate decisions made before lunch
    • Replace track (Jan-Ivar)
  • CSRC Consensus Discussion (Bernard)
  • IP Address exposure control (Ekr) - could move to day 2?

Afternoon slot 2 - MediaCap (1530-1700)

  • Overview of status regarding LC comments etc.: Editors/Chairs/Dom
    • Open items we need to discuss/resolve at f2f?
  • Timed Media WG Sync Discussion [references] (Dom)
  • Screen capture (Martin T/Keith)

Sept 10

Morning WebRTC continued (0900-1015): Remaining new items

  • Intro, agenda bash, listing remaining items (chairs)
  • PeerConnection error reporting (Peter T)
  • past/current/pending SDP accessors (Ekr)
  • mediadroppedonfloor / unsignalledmedia (Martin)
  • ICE pool size (PR #289, new)
  • Review of CSRC proposal (PR #300, new)

10 min break (ca 1015-1030)

Morning 2nd part: Return and conclusions (1030-1230)

  • Remaining items to consider
    • Return to AddMedia and Warmup
    • WebRTC Objects 1.0 (Recap - Peter T)
    • Simulcast (Adam, Bernard)
  • Wrap-up: In/out of 1.0 decisions
  • In and out of 1.0 (Stefan)

Afternoon session 1 (1330-1530)

  • MediaCapture issues (moved from Tuesday)
    • Overview of status regarding LC comments etc.: Dom
      • Error management: waiting for AnneVK OK
      • Internationalization of device labels: waiting for input from I18n WG, punt to later?
      • Privacy: ???
      • Bundling of text tracks in mediastream: clarify scope of spec, extensibility model
      • Audio devices capabilities
        • input: PR 211 adds capabilities to enumerated devices
        • output: postpone to different spec
      • IANA registry: Stefan
    • Timed Media WG Sync Discussion [references] (Dom)
  • WebRTC NV (next version): what’s next? (Harald)
    • Reminding everyone what we agreed to at the recharter (chairs)
    • Identification of difficult issues in getting a plan?
    • Possible steps forward??

Afternoon session 2 - possible beyond 1.0 features (1545-1730)

  • This session is where we put what we didn’t finish, or didn’t fit anywhere else.
    • Capture from element (Martin)
    • getStats issues (Jan-Ivar)
    • Reserving time to resolve unresolved gUM items?
  • Looking ahead: how to use TPAC meeting time



WebRTC Objects

PeerConnection errors

WebRTC Objects - recap day 2

Peter's spreadsheet on use cases for addTrack/createSender/createReceiver/addMedia


Peter's slides on "WebRTC 1.1 - future steps after 1.0"

In/out of 1.0

Since much of this meeting will be dedicated to determining what will be in and out of 1.0, for convenience much of what was in the mail sent to the list June 30 ( is pasted below. Just a placeholder.

"Looking at the old 2013 spreadsheet ( in combination with github Issues and PRs, it to us looks something like (note, this is not an official position in any way, it is just an attempt to sort features based on our understanding of where we are currently):

Features from 2013 labeled “Not in 1.0” that are now in the spec

  • RtpSenders/Receivers
  • Rollback in state machine
  • Track rejection (though we have the detail of making sure the rejected track is not part of future offers)
  • Bundle tuning
  • Call hold
  • Certificate handling APIs
  • Identity

Features we seem to have consensus to add, need to sort details

  • replaceTrack
  • unassigned media handling (PR #29 goes a bit)

Features where we have PRs/active discussion, but not clear consensus to add

  • ICE object
  • DTLS object
  • codec parameters on RtpSenders

Features at risk for in 1.0 (may revisit in post-1.0 work)