October 29 - 30 2015

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Meeting logistics

This meeting is part of TPAC 2015. You must register for TPAC 2015 in order to attend.

Scribing and remote participation will be mediated via IRC: irc.w3.org #webrtc

Lunch is provided from 1200 to 1400. Coffee is available at breaks.

We are meeting in room 2F 206.

Remote participation

Call-in facilities are available, using WebEx.

Webex meeting: 644 053 936

Thursday October 29

Morning: 0900-1230

  • Welcome, scribe, agenda bash (Slides)
  • Added functionality in WebRTC-1.0 after interim meeting (review)(Stefan)
  • Functionality not yet added to WebRTC-1.0
    • Codec selection before offer/answer (Martin) (Slides)
  • Stats (Varun, Harald) (Slides) originally scheduled on Friday

Afternoon I: 1330-1530

  • WebRTC privacy - address leakage (Justin - remote) (Slides)
  • Simulcast control (Adam, Peter) (Slides)

Afternoon II: 1600-1800

  • Media Capture and Streams to CR: Last blockers
    • Results of Constraints registry vote, and implications thereof
      • New text on constraints management (PR #258) (Dom)
    • Last call comments - status (Chairs)
    • Any other outstanding item, or time to move to CR?
      • Extensibility writeup? (PR #244) (Dan)
  • Other Media Capture TF items
    • WebAudio, especially output device handling (Joe, requested for Thursday)
    • Image capture (Giri, requested for Thursday) (Slides)

Friday October 30

Morning: 0900-1200

  • Agenda bashing for Friday
    • Placement: Resolution of issues from Thursday's Transceiver preso (Peter) (Slides)
    • Support objects -> Interfaces (PR #350) (Martin)
  • Bug bash for WebRTC-1.0 (chairs)(Harald) - includes review comments (Slides)

Afternoon I: 1300-1530

Possible section if we have time:

  • Introduction to ORTC (note: this is not a "we are going to use this", but a presentation of a relatively thought-out set of functions that may be added) (Peter)
    • Lessons learned, things we might want to reconsider
  • Requirements and scenarios for WebRTC-NV
    • Discuss process for gathering these requirements and scenarios

Afternoon II: 1600-1800

  • More Media Capture items (only stuff that has a presenter before the meeting will be kept)
    • Media capture in Worker (Chia-Hung) & Tzu-hao Kuo(Kaku) (15 min) (Slides)
    • Depth Stream Extension (Anssi) (15 min)
    • Media capture from DOM elements (Martin) (Slides)
    • Screen capture (Martin) (Slides)
  • Available time for further discussion
  • Wrap-up

Items not placed on agenda yet

These are items that have been suggested for this session. There is no guarantee that they will be scheduled.