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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-52 (edit) open change phrasing in the "plan for moving ahead", remove "low-level" Stefan Håkansson 2012-09-25
ACTION-68 (edit) open API for informing offering side app that streams/tracks have been rejected Stefan Håkansson 2012-11-22
ACTION-82 (edit) open Develop more granular estimate for schedule of WebRTC with hta Stefan Håkansson 2013-01-17
ACTION-91 (edit) open Add to agenda: way to have the error handling for createoffer be able to report what had happened when all the resources could not be reserved for codecs Stefan Håkansson 2013-11-18
ACTION-119 (edit) open Look at our bug tracking strategy for webrtc with harald Stefan Håkansson 2014-11-07
ACTION-122 (edit) open Email specific people to review 714/pr 776 - stun/turn oauth token (cont’d) Stefan Håkansson 2016-12-19

Open Issues

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