W3C Workshop on Privacy and data usage control 04/05 October 2010, Cambridge (MA)
ISBN - 978-88-97253-01-3

Accepted Position Papers

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  1. Privacy Data Envelops for Moving Privacy-sensitive Data
    by Armen Aghasaryan, Marie-Pascale Dupont, Stéphane Betgé-Brezetz and Guy-Bertrand Kamga, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (FR)
  2. Simple Policy Negotiation for Location Disclosure
    by Nick Doty & Erik Wilde, School of Information UC Berkeley
  3. Prevention and Reaction: Defending Privacy in the Web 2.0
    by Michael Hart Rob Johnson, Stony Brook University
  4. UCDC: A User-Centric Disclosure Control Solution To Privacy Interoperability
    by Jim Lookabaugh & Erin Kenneally, intergreen.com & elchemy.org
  5. Some observations on privacy and DRMs
    by Betsy Masiello, Google Inc.
  6. Position Paper Deutsche Telekom, Group Privacy
    by Frank Wagner, Deutsche Telekom
  7. Respecting User Privacy in Cross-System Personalization
    by Yang Wang, Cylab Usable Privacy and Security (CUPS) Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
  8. Towards Supporting Contextual Privacy in Body Sensor Networks for Health Monitoring Service
    Fuming Shih, MIT CSAIL, Cambridge (MA) & Mi Zhang, Department of Electrical Engineering University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  9. Supporting User Privacy Preferences on Information Release in Open Scenarios
    C.A. Ardagna, S. De Capitani di Vimercati, S. Foresti, P. Samarati, DTI - Università degli Studi di Milano & S. Paraboschi, DIIMM - Università degli Studi di Bergamo
  10. PPL Engine: A Symmetric Architecture for Privacy Policy Handling
    Slim Trabelsi, Akram Njeh, SAP Labs France, Sophia Antipolis & Laurent Bussard, European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) & Gregory Neven, IBM Zürich Research Center, Zürich
  11. Data Handling: Dependencies between Authorizations and Obligations
    Laurent Bussard, European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) & Gregory Neven, IBM Zürich Research Center, Zürich & Jan Schallaböck, ULD, Kiel
  12. Distributed Privacy Policy Enforcement by using Sticky Policies
    David Chadwick & Kaniz Fatema, University of Kent
  13. Privacy and Policy in the DAP WG a DAP Perspective
    by Frederick Hirsch, DAP co-chair, Nokia & Robin Berjon, DAP co-chair, Vodafone
  14. Using Network Science To Understand and Apply Privacy Usage Controls
    by Erin 
Kenneally, Elchemy,

  15. The IdM card approach Increasing privacy and security in user-centric Identity Management
    Ronald Marx, Hervais Simo Fhom, Dirk Scheuermann, Kpatcha M. Bayarou, Fraunhofer SIT, Darmstadt
  16. A Usage Control (UCON) Model for Social Networks Privacy
    Jaehong Park & Ravi Sandhu, University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute for Cyber Security
  17. Controlling Data Usage with User-Managed Access (UMA)
    Eve Maler, Paypal
  18. Machine Interpretable Privacy Policies -- A fresh take on P3P
    Dave Raggett, W3C
  19. The Accountability Perspective
    Hal Abelson & Lalana Kagal, MIT CSAIL
  20. Distributed Management of Online Data
    JC Cannon, Microsoft