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W3C and W3C Offices - an overview

Potsdam, Germany 2009-09-16
Klaus Birkenbihl, W3C
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Introducing W3C

W3C Offices
Offices meeting 2009

W3C Offices - the Start


BRUSSELS -- 24 November, 1997 -- The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) today announced the launch of W3C-LA, a new initiative to promote W3C developments to leverage the Web for European industry. W3C-LA (Leveraging Action) is one of the European Commission's "Leveraging Actions for Software Technologies", sponsored by the Esprit programme.


W3C Offices

To enhance the communication between W3C and the Web community, W3C will open W3C Offices covering specific geographical areas. W3C Offices will be the first point of contact between the Consortium and its membership, as well as the general public in their corresponding region. CLRC-RAL has been established as the first W3C Office, covering the United Kingdom. Other Offices to be launched during the first quarter of 1998 include GMD (Forschungszentrum informationstechnik) in Germany, CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) in the Netherlands, SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) in Sweden, and FORTH (Foundation Of Research and Technology) in Greece.

W3C World Offices

W3C World Offices today

W3C World Map

W3C World Offices today

picture of W3C Office Australia
Australia (CSIRO)
picture of W3C Office Benelux
Benelux (CWI)
picture of W3C Office Benelux
Brazil (
picture of W3C Office China
China (Beihang University)
picture of W3C Office Finland
Finland (TU Tampere)
picture of W3C Office Germany and Austria
Germany and Austria (FH Potsdam)
picture of W3C Office Greece
Greece (FORTH-ICS)
picture of W3C Office Hungary
Hungary (SZTAKI)
picture of W3C Office Hungary
India (MIT-DIT)
picture of W3C Office Italy
Italy (CNR)
picture of W3C Office Israel
Israel (ISOC-IL)
picture of W3C Office Korea
Korea (ETRI)
picture of W3C Office Morocco
Morocco (EMI)
picture of W3C Office Pretoria
Southern Africa (Meraka Institute)
picture of W3C Office Senegal
Senegal (ESP)
picture of W3C Office Spain
Spain (CTIC)
picture of W3C Office Sweden
Sweden (SICS)
picture of W3C Office UK and Ireland
UK and Ireland (STFC RAL)
more to come ... more to come ...

Was it a success?

One succes criterion for Offices is the membership development in their region

W3C Membership history

Evidence for Offices impact?

W3C Membership Europe 1998 2001


W3C Membership today

All countries mentioned in this list - except Switzerland and Canada - have an W3C Office or W3C Host presence today

Offices roles

Sounds a bit boring?

Technology that rocks!

International environment!
Room for creativity

Offices creativity



at Fachhochschule Potsdam

Move of the W3C Germany and Austria Office

Closing remark

Being Office staff does not require a specific hairstyle ...

Klaus Birkenbihl

Henning Fischer

Thomas Tikwinski

Felix Sasaki