W3C Open Source Software - News for 2009

This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2009. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

HTML-XML-utils 5.4

16 July 2009: Version 5.4 of the HTML/XML utilities fixes some bugs, including an incorrect mapping of relative to absolute URLs in some cases. hxincl now has an option -s to override which files are includes. hxnormalize no longer has a limit on the line length of its output. See the ChangeLog for details. (News Archive)

Amaya 11.2 released

03 July 2009: This release fixes some bugs and propose some improvements in CSS and SVG support.
See the changelog for more details. Donwload Amaya.

Link Checker 4.5

26 March 2009: Bugfix release for the Link Checker. See the changelog and announcement for details. (News Archive)

Markup Validator 0.8.5

26 March 2009: The latest version of the Markup Validator (a.k.a HTML Validator) focuses on bug fixes and usability improvement. See the changelog and announcement for details. (News Archive)

CSS Validator “nytrulce”

09 February 2009: the CSS Validation Service gets an update in this new release code-named "nytrulce". Among the changes in this version: 4 new translations (Swedish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian and Korean), many code improvements including bug fixes, performance boosts, code cleanup, fixes to crash conditions and updates to the grammar used in parsing style sheets. Read more about the changes and the plans for the future (including an update to CSS3 validation) in the announcement. (News Archive)

HTML-XML-utils 5.3

28 January 2009: Version 5.3 fixes a bug in hxcopy, fixes a bug in URL handling on PowerPC-based systems, generates slightly more readable IDs and removes some duplicate code. hxindex now has an option -f to remove TITLE attributes after use. For more details, see the ChangeLog. (News Archive)

HTML-XML-utils 5.2

12 January 2009: Version 5.2 fixes some small bugs (CDATA parsing, sorting of index terms that contain mark-up…) and adds new features: the hxincl program gets an option -f to remove magic comments and hxindex now has an option -n to generate an alphabetical index that includes section numbers (instead of a generic “#” symbol). The latter may help to make generated indexes a bit more accessible to blind readers. For more details, see the ChangeLog. (News Archive)

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