ISSUE-86: There is no way to pass additional arguments to geolocation callbacks

There is no way to pass additional arguments to geolocation callbacks

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Andrei Popescu
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Right now Geolocation API methods accept function callbacks arguments that are invoked by the implementation with a Position or PositionError parameter. However, there is no way to pass any other arguments to these callbacks. This could be useful in the following scenario:

function someGenericCallback(position, someArgument) {

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(someGenericCallback, null, null, "first");


navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(someGenericCallback, null, null, "second");

"first" and "second" arguments are bound at the time of the getCurrentPosition() calls so could be used to distinguish which of these one-shot requests fired its callback. The same objective can be achieved without this feature but it is very cumbersome and inelegant.

Note that window.setTimeout provides this ability

so we should consider allowing this, too.
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Closures can be used for this purpose, so no need to do anything here.

Andrei Popescu, 28 Jun 2011, 13:41:07

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