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Mobile Web For Social Development (MW4D) Wiki

This wiki is used by the W3C Mobile Web for Social Development Interest Group to achieve its goal in a collaborative way, and to provide resources to the community to leverage development and deployment of content, applications and services on mobile phones targeted at under-privileged population nad rural communities of Developing Countries.

The aim of this tool is to serve as a repository of informations about statistics, use cases, initiatives, ongoing projects, relevant organizations, etc (see organization section below). It should not be restricted to only Mobile Web information, but may include also information about Web or Mobile (usage, coverage, cost, usage, services, ...) in Developing Countries.


Most of People behind the creation of this wiki were participants at the W3C Workshop on the Mobile Web in Developing Countries, participants at the W3C Workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in fostering Social Development , members of MW4D IG, and subscribers to the archived public-mw4d@w3.org mailing-list.

If you want to contribute to this Wiki, contact StephaneBoyera.

If you are interested to joing the mailing-list or become member of the MW4D IG, Read the participation procedure of MW4D IG


This Wiki is structured in different sections:

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