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This section gathers informations about all types of organizations (NGOs, Internation organizations, public companies, private ones,...) involved in the topics of this wiki.


International organization

Mobile industry

  • GSMA Development Funds
    The department of mobile industry association focusing on the use of mobile in Development

Network Operators

Handset Manufacturers

Browser makers

  • Opera makes browsers for mobile devices, including Opera mini, a browser designed for very simple phones. It is a binary of about 100kb, working with a free proxy, and provides data compression, to make it functional and useful in many contexts where a ful web browser used to be too expensive to run.

NGO sector

Academic Team

  • Change Group
    Change is a group of faculty and students at the University of Washington are working together on projects to fight inequity and poverty across the globe.
    • OpenROSA
      OpenROSA (part of Change) is a consortium formed to create open source, standards-based tools for mobile data collection, aggregation, analysis, and reporting. The OpenROSA community includes various orginizations and researchers all united behind a common goal around mobile data collection systems. Many of the consortium members are working on solutions for developing regions, including disease surveillance, household surveys, collection of longitudinal data for electronic medical records, guiding health workers through medical protocols at the point of care, and supporting community health workers. (From Website Description)
  • Bridging the Global Digital Divide
    A network of four academic projects with a common objective to explore ways to give access to those currently excluded from world telecommunications and digital networks
    August 2008-still running
  • Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Region Group - University of California at Berkeley
  • Center for Information and Society - University of Washington State "studies the design, use and impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) on individuals and communities around the world. Our research focuses on disadvantaged and underrepresented populations"
  • UC Berkeley School of Information
    • Tapan S. Parikh
      research focuses on the use of computing to support sustainable economic development across the World

Support and Development Teams

  • Development Seed
    The common mission of the team is to build creative communications solutions for organizations doing world-changing work. "Our job is to come into your organization, figure out your communications goals, and then get you there. We devise strategies to unclog your communications channels and build tools to help you easily get your messages out to the right audience."
  • Open Mobile Consortium

Public Forum


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