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Stories/Use Cases/Projects/Papers


This section gathers information about successful stories (or failures) about deployment of ICT in Developing Countries in general, and more specifically using mobile phones. those stories and use cases are essential to understand what are the most useful (type of) applications and content for rural communities and under-privileged populations. There is also a dedicated section for papers and articles providing information or view about MW4D.

Note to the contributors: cite your source, provide a date and short information about the content


This section section is structured around 3 themes:

  • Mobile content and usage: this section has also 3 topics: real projects on the use of mobile phone in development, ethnographic studies, and general/academic article on the use of mobile in development.
  • Technology: this section contains information about the different technologies existing to deploy content and application on mobile
  • Capacity building: this section describe the different initiatives around developing expertise on mobile technologies in developing countries


Mobile content and usage



  • Mobile Movement is a network that connects people from all over the world with a social mandate: to help bridge the gap between rich and poor with microfinancing, business partnerships and information exchanges. It is working with 15 youth groups from the slums and low-income neighborhoods of Nairobi.
    October 2010
Crisis Management
Humanitarian Assistance
Databases of projects from multiple domains

Ethnographic or similar Studies

M4D Academic/General Articles

Business Model


  • Betavine Social Exchange
    The Betavine Social Exchange is aimed at creating mobile solution to solve social problems in a way that helps them to be sustainable i.e. there should be a clear deployment path for the solution that can be funded in the long term.
  • Mobiles in-a-box
    Mobiles in-a-box from the Tactical Technology Collective is a collection of tools, tactics, how-to guides and case studies designed to help advocacy and activist organisations use mobile technology in their work.
  • A Mobile Voice: The Use of Mobile Phones in Citizen Media
    Dynamics of the role of mobile phones in enhancing access to and creating information and citizen-produced media. trends in the use of mobile telephony with a focus on software and platforms that make content creation and broadcasting easier.
    MobileActive.org - November 2008


  • MobileHacking.org
    "Wiki for people interested in developing computer and mobile phone applications that involve various telephony interfaces such as voice dialing, IVR, and SMS functionality."
    Nov. 2008-Still maintained


Mobile Web


Review of existing tools

Capacity Building

    An MIT project based in Kenya focusing on offering Mobile Phone Programming curriculum.
    August 2008-Still running
  • List of projects issued from EPROM
  • mobility
    A collaborative project which brings together some of the leading academics, technicians, educators and practitioners in the IT and mobile fields with the common goal of developing an exciting and empowering range of tools and resources to unlock the power of mobile applications development for users in the developing world.
  • MIT AITI Group
    Africa Information Technology Initiative