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W3C Workshop on the Mobile Web in Developing Countries

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A workshop of the Mobile Web Initiative

5/6 December 2006
Bangalore, India

Nearby: MWI

With financial support from the European Commission's IST Programme under the 3GWeb project


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Announcement (Call for Participation)

The "W3C Workshop on the Mobile Web in Developing Countries" aims to understand specific challenges of mobile Web access within Developing Countries, in terms of their needs, blocking factors, and potential usages.

People and organizations who have an interest in the role of mobile Web access in Developing Countries and who wish to participate in the workshop are invited to submit position papers to the Workshop Committee (by email to team-mwi-ec-ws-submit@w3.org).

The workshop will be hosted by Jataayu Software.

This workshop is part of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, which aims to identify and resolve challenges and issues of accessing the Web when on the move.


The "Digital Divide" is defined as the gap between those with regular, effective access and ability to use digital technologies and those without. An important step in the direction of filling this gap has been the deployment of mobile networks all around the world. For example, as of today, more than 80% of the world's population is covered by GSM, and more than 2 billions of people own a mobile phone (source: World Bank). With one million additional people newly subscribed every day, it is expected that by the end of 2010, almost 4 billions will have a mobile phone.

However, even if accessing phone services is very important, the gap will be more completely filled when access to a higher level of information technologies will be widespread. Now, with the availability of high speed mobile data networks, and the appearance of increasingly-affordable web-enabled phones, one can imagine that the potential to help bridge of the divide has increased, in that people with access to a mobile phone would be able to access the Internet and the Web. However, it is fundamental to understand the needs and the expectations of the people, and the specific challenges and issues of accessing the Web from a mobile phone as a primary and often sole platform, so that the potential of resolving the gap becomes reality.

The aim of this workshop is to gather experts in Mobile Web technologies and experts in Developing Countries and on the Digital Divide so that challenges and issues are clearly identified and tackled appropriately in a near future with the help of standardization bodies like W3C and its Mobile Web Initiative.


The goal of the workshop is to provide input to the W3C Mobile Web Initiative to identify which areas would be most important to focus on to help bridge the digital divide. The following topics are of particular interest:

Workshop Dates

The workshop will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5-6 December 2006.


You are cordially invited to sponsor this workshop. Following in the model of the successful sponsorship program developed for the 2004 Mobile Web Initiative Workshop, we expect you will want to consider participating in the program for this meeting.

This sponsorship program is a marketing opportunity that enable sponsors to showcase their organization and underscore its commitment to the shared goals of the W3C. Sponsors reach those who are making decisions about the future of the Web, as well as those in the public who have come to rely on the Web as critical infrastructure for development and to help bridging the digital divide. Sponsors will be associated directly with the event which will gather at the same place experts in mobile web technologies, and experts in the digital divide in order to develop universal access to the Web in Developing Countries.

There are three levels of sponsorship, Platinum-Gold-Silver, offering a panel of benefits. All the details of each level are available from the Sponsorship Program page.

This sponsorship program is designed to enable participation by individuals and organizations with particular expertise, but who might not otherwise be able to attend due to travel or other costs.

For further information and expression of interest, please contact Stéphane Boyera (boyera@w3.org) or Marie-Claire Forgue (mcf@w3.org). The deadline for requesting to take part in this opportunity is 25 November 2006.


The workshop will take place at the Capitol Hotel.

The special workshop price for participants is 140$+taxes for a single and 160$+taxes for a double, including breakfast. These prices are for foreigners. People from India shoudl contact directly the perosn in charge of this meeting (see below information)

Registration can be via email, phone or fax. The information are below. The participant needs to mention "W3C Workshop" in the email, fax or conversation to obtain one of the blocked rooms.

Capitol email: thecapitol@vsnl.com; info@thecapitolhotel.com

Phone: Reservations: +91-80-2226 7076;

Also available : +91-80-2228 1234; +91-80-2228 1800

Fax : +91-80-2225 9922

For all these paths the contact person is Mr. Ganesh.


To ensure productive discussions, the workshop is limited to 100 attendees. Participation is open to non-W3C members. Each organization can provide at most two attendees.

Position papers are required in order to participate in this workshop (except for W3C team members). Each organization or individual wishing to participate must submit a position paper explaining their interest in the workshop no later than November 1st 2006. The intent is to make sure that participants have an active interest in the area, and that the workshop will benefit from their presence.

Send papers (in valid XHTML/HTML (please use the W3C Markup Validation Service) or PDF - 1 to 5 pages) to: team-mwi-ec-ws-submit@w3.org

All position papers will be available from the workshop Web site. The workshop Web site will be public, so position papers and slides must be suitable for public dissemination. Speaker slides will also be available at the Web site after the workshop. There will not be printed proceedings.

To attend, you must register by filling out a registration form. The URI for the registration form will be sent to you after your position paper is accepted.

There will be no participation fee.

Note: To help the organizers plan the workshop: If you wish to participate, please send email as soon as possible to team-mwi-ec-ws-submit@w3.org stating:

Note that this expression of interest does not mean that you registered for the workshop. It is still necessary to send a position paper, which has to be accepted by the Program Committee.


The Workshop Agenda is now available.

Important Deadlines

Please note the following dates:

Mailing List

Enquiries or comments on the workshop can be sent to the public mailing list public-mwi-ec@w3.org. The archive of the mailing list is visible to the public.

Private enquiries can be directed to the Workshop Chairs.

Program Committee

The program committee can be contacted by email at: team-mwi-ec-ws-pc@w3.org

The Program Committee comprises the following appointees:

Workshop Chair