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Workshop Agenda April 1-2 2009, Maputo, Mozambique

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More papers were submitted to the workshop than could be presented in the time available. The papers presented were selected based on formal abstract reviews by the Workshop program committee.

Wednesday, April 1st
Registration, 8.00a - 8.45a
Workshop Opening, 8.45a - 9.30a

Chair: George Sadowsky

  • Welcome from Sponsors and Organizers
  • Keynote from Dr Venancio Massingue, Minister of Science and Technology, Government of Mozambique (20mn)
Morning Session I, 9.30a - 10.40a

Chair: Stephane Boyera

Break, 10.40a - 11.00a Poster Session
Morning Session II, 11.00a - 12.30p

Session: Application: M-Health

Chair: Michael Maltese (Legatum Center)

Discussion (45mn)

Lunch, 12.30p - 1.30p
Afternoon Session I, 1.30p - 4:00p

Session: Technology

Chair: Phillip Olla

Discussion (60mn)

Break, 4.00p - 4.30p - Poster session
Afternoon Session II, 4.30p - 6.00p

Session: Application: Mobile Activism

Chair: Ken Banks

Discussion (45mn)

Poster Session, 6:00p - 7:00p
Dinner sponsored by UNDP and W3C, 7:30p
Thursday, April 2nd
Morning Session I, 9.00a - 10.00a

Session: Keynotes

Chair: Stephane Boyera (W3C)

Break, 10.00a - 10.30a - Poster Session
Morning Session II, 10.30a - 12.00p

Session: Enabling Environment

Chair: Stephane Boyera

Discussion (45mn)

Lunch, 12.15p - 1.15p
Afternoon Session I, 1.15p - 2.00p

Session: Application: M-Banking

Chair: Phillip Olla

Discussion (30mn)

Afternoon Session II, 2.00p - 3.30p

Session: Application: M-Government

Chair: Raul Zambrano (UNDP)

Discussion (45mn)

Break, 3.30p - 4.00p - Poster Session
Afternoon Session II, 4.00p - 5.00p

Session: Application: Agriculture

Chair: Sean Krepp (Nokia)

Discussion (30mn)

Afternoon Session III, 5.00p - 6.00p

Session Chair: Stéphane Boyera (W3C), George Sadowsky

  • Output of the workshop, headlines of the executives summary,...

For more information about the workshop, please see the Workshop Home Page.

Stéphane Boyera, George Sadowsky, Workshop Chairs
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