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State of the^ Web

(An African view)

Charles McCathieNevile


Opera Software

Opera Mobile

The browser, on mobiles

Opera Mini

A browser on any phone

Special 120kb client and proxy-based compression

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Users in Africa

Opera has about 50% of total mobile browsing - around double Nokia (2nd place)

NB: Very approximately - 10%

Users in history

March 2006

Africa was ~5%, now ~10% of global users

What people want

Mobile Web report

and the whole Web, too

Bandwidth power

Reading BBC News

Opera Mini
(Opera Turbo
2.5 MB

NB: A single test

Some Conclusions

Opera "Turbo"
Like Mini in the desktop
Africa is sociable too...
... but also news/info-focused
Penetration is still low
But growth rates are still huge

Thank you - Obrigado

There are no foolish questions
Only fools who do not question