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Call in details

When joining please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  • Admin (15 min)
  • Reviewing and Publishing (30 Minutes)
    • First/New PWDs published October 8th
      • Announcement and solicitation of reviews from other WGs and beyond
    • Reviewing of remaining docs
  • Issues (40 minutes) - Address as many as possible during allocated time
    • Under consideration for resolution (Note: change in structure of agenda)
    • Other Issue Discussions
      • Issue 145 Which serializations should have mime types and file extensions (and what should they be)
      • Issue 142 Relationship between OWL-RL DL and OWL-RL Full (theorem 1)
      • Issue 144 missing base triple in serialization of axioms with annotations
      • Issue 137 Table 4 in RDF mapping introduces incompatibility with OWL 1
      • Annotations and SKOS -- see email discussion
      • Issue 56 Specify standard "repairs" for moving select RDF documents to OWL? Note clarified issue description and Peter's email
  • Additional other business (5 min)


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