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This is the main page for the development of OWL 2 Full.

For questions and comments please contact Michael Schneider (email: schneid@fzi.de).


Draft The current Editor's Draft for OWL 2 Full
Testcases The Test Collection (OBSOLETE)
Semantics The proposed semantics of OWL 2 Full (OBSOLETE)
Actions A list of actions to be performed (OBSOLETE)
Issues A list of issues (bugs, change requests, etc.) (OBSOLETE)
Topics A list of topics to be discussed (OBSOLETE)
History The history of this Sub-Wiki (a change log)
Sandbox A Sandbox

Current State

The Recommendation has been released on 27 October 2009.

The work on OWL 2 Full has been completed.


For the OWL 2 Working Drafts, see the "drafts" list on the left side!

OWL 1 Full OWL 1 Full semantics spec (AS&S §5)
RDF Semantics RDF(S) semantics spec
RDF Concepts RDF abstract graph syntax
OWL 2 RDF Mapping OWL 2 DL RDF Mapping (Wiki)
OWL 2 DL Semantics OWL 2 DL Semantics (Wiki)
OWL 2 RL OWL 2 R Full rulebased profile (Wiki)
OWL 2 Conformance OWL 2 Conformance (Wiki)
OWL 1 AS&S OWL 1 AS&S (contains RDF mapping and DL semantics)
OWL 1 Testcases OWL 1 testcases spec (contains testcases for OWL 1 Full)