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A list of discussion topics related to OWL 2 Full.

The final outcome might be regarded as a kind of "knowledge base" on OWL-Full.

List of Topics

Annotations OWL 2 DL knows semantic-free annotations
Applications Known applications of OWL Full
bNodes Skolem constants vs. existential variables
Compatibility Which kinds of Compatibility does OWL 2 Full have to fulfil?
Comprehension Principles The comprehension principles in OWL Full
Conditional RDF Mapping The RDF mapping is conditionally defined
Consistency of OWL Full It is unknown whether OWL-Full is satisfiable
Data Ranges The deprecated DataRange class
Datatype Restrictions Datarange restrictions and complements
Declarations semantic-free OWL 2 Full Declarations
Extentionality IF vs. IFF semantics
First Order Logic OWL-Full is regarded to be a FOL based language
Fragments OWL-Prime and pD* and ???
Full-style OWL-DL OWL 1 Full had a Full-style version of OWL-DL
Infinite Universe OWL-Full has necessarily an infinite universe, DL hasn't
Non-Structural Restrictions The Syntax document specifies "non-structural restrictions on properties
Punning How does punning relate to OWL Full?
QCRs Syntax and Semantics for QCRs
RDF Semantics The Semantics of RDF(S)
Reasoners Reasoners for OWL-Full
Reification Discussion about Reification in RDF syntax
owl:Class Relationship between owl:Class and rdfs:Class
owl:Restriction OWL 1 Full uses Restrictions without 'owl:Restriction'
SKOS SKOS claims to be based on OWL-Full
Sub Property Chains How are they specified in Full?
Syntax Reflection rdf:type rdf:type rdf:type
Testcases OWL-1.1-Full needs testcases
Tools Tools for working with OWL-Full
Triple Entailment Rules What is possible?
Usecases Which usecases are there for OWL Full?
Users Which user groups are there for OWL Full?

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