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The overview page about OWL 2 Full semantics.

There are two sets of language feature categories: One for all the new features of OWL 2, and another set for selected features of OWL 1. Each of the feature categories has a dedicated Wiki page, which can be reached by clicking on the respective category name.

Semantics of Language Features

Standard states:

  • "N/A": not available (work on this feature has not yet started)
  • "WIP": work in progress (not intended to be reviewed by WG yet)
  • "no audit": needs final audit (not intended to be reviewed by WG yet)
  • "ready": the proposal is ready for review by the WG (but: ready ⊭ finished)

New OWL 2 Language Feature Categories

Feature Category State Comment
Axiom Annotations ready under consideration: syntax uses RDF Reification
Datatype Restrictions WIP still under slight consideration: RDF syntax and DL semantics
Disjoint Properties ready
Disjoint Unions ready
Easy Keys no audit alternative to IFDPs (still under discussion)
IFF Expressions WIP the IFF semantics of boolean class expressions and enumerations
Inverse Property Expressions ready
Language Ranges N/A feature currently under discussion
Named Individuals ready
N-ary Axioms ready
N-ary Datatypes WIP feature under discussion
N-ary Predicates WIP feature still under discussion
Negative Property Assertions ready
Property Characteristics ready reflexive, irreflexive and asymmetric properties
Universal Property ready the top and bottom property
Qualified Cardinality Restrictions ready
Self Restrictions ready under consideration: Russell Paradox
Sub Property Chains WIP

Old OWL 1 Language Feature Categories

Currently not all old language features are treated here, but only some which are specifically interesting.

For everything else, see the original OWL 1 Full semantics.

Feature Category State Comment
AllDifferent axioms ready missing main semantic condition
Axiomatic Triples WIP many are missing(?) in OWL 1 Full
Comprehension Principles ready only general comprehension principles
Data Conditions N/A subsidiary semantic conditions for datatypes, data values and, data properties
Data Ranges WIP usage has been deprecated; semantics are aligned to rdfs:Datatype
Deprecation ready
Enumerations N/A
Imports ready how import directives work in OWL 2 Full
RDFS Axioms WIP the table containing subClassOf, subPropertyOf, domain, range
Sequence based Axioms ready semantic conditions with a sequence as their argument


Terminology follows OWL 1 except where noted. In particular:

interprets the URIs of the OWL vocabulary (including RDF and RDFS vocabulary)
maps domain-elements to their property extension
maps domain-elements to their class extension
individuals (in Full just all resources)
literal values (also individuals in Full)
restrictions (also classes in Full)
datatypes (also classes in Full)
object properties (in Full just all properties)
data properties (also object properties in Full)

Editing Help

  • Use <sub> and <sup> for lowering and highering indexes
  • Set mathematical formulas in /' '...' '/ for rendering them in a slanted style
  • Write tuples as "(x,y)" instead of "<x,y>", or use <nowiki>

A list of mathematical symbols:

≠ < ≤ > ≥ ◦ ∈ ∉ ∨ ∧ ¬ → ↔ ∀ ∃ ∩ ∪ ⊆ × ∅ 〈 〉 … ⊨

(Additional symbols can be obtained from the Font "Arial Unicode MS")

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