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A list of OWL 2 Full related actions (including WG-Actions).

There is also a list of closed TF actions.


REC Publication Preparations

  • PDF Version:
    • Truncated page content

REC Publication Preparations

  • Final Action before Publication

Final Actions before submitting a Working Draft

  1. [X] Check for EdNotes.
  2. [X] Check for external links whether linked version is still current (for other OWL documents: check diff). If not: Update links to current version, also checking the correct content (for deep links).
  3. [X] Check which other documents do deep links into RDF-Based Semantics.
  4. [X] Spell Checking
  5. [X] Validate HTML: <http://validator.w3.org/>
  6. [X] Check Links: <http://validator.w3.org/checklink>
  7. [X] Check Color-Coded Diff
  8. [X] Check for proper rendering on A4 and Letter paper layout
  9. [X] Check that Sandro's magic scripts have correctly rewritten the links.

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