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"People" page for F2F3

Registration List

If you plan to attend, put your name here:

Also, make sure your name appears in the TPAC registration list. More information on TPAC. To change your registration information, use the registration page.

Remote Participation

If you plan to phone in, for at least part of the time, put your name here:

  • Jie Bao (crazy US visa policy)
  • Zhe Wu (for now)
  • Deborah McGuinness (for a portion - have to attend another meeting in US then)
  • Elisa Kendall (as possible given the time difference)
  • Mike Smith


If you will not be attending or even calling in on the phone, put your name here:


Unknown Status

Currently the following people have not entered anything. Please remove yourself from this list when you move to a different status.