9 Jan 2006


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Phil Tetlow, Ralph Swick, Evan Wallace, David Booth, David Wood, Chris Halaschek, Jeff Pan, Ben Adida, Raphael Troncy, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Deb McGuinness, Fabien Gandon, Elisa Kendall, Jeremy Carroll, Giorgos Stamou, Alistair Miles
Benjamin Nguyen, Gary NG, Brian McBride, Tom Baker


1. ADMIN (15 min)

<dwood> PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 12 December 2005 telecon:

ralph: the action items might not be proper
... suggest accept them and revise them later

dwood: second ralph
... no objection

2.1 Proposed resolution httpRange-14

dwood: jacco, any comments?
... about httpRange-14

Jacco: no further commentss besides what have been said

<Zakim> RalphS, you wanted to note connection with VM deliverable

ralph: worry about having a new doc now but we should record what people say

dbooth: second ralph
... and would like to help
... some clarification might be good

dwood: are you willing to propose it in the mailing list?

dbooth: yep

ACTION: DBooth to propose TAG clarification questions around httpRange-14 [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action01]

2.2 DAWG

Jacco: basically I don't have problem with Describe but don't think it should be in the core language

2.3 OMG: ODM review

Jeremy: not been done

Elisa: I saw an email from Gary
... and I will contact Jeremy and make sure he gets the correct chapter

ACTION: garyng and jeremy to review OWL chapter of ODM review by 9 jan 2006 [http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action06] [PENDING]

2.5 Other

<RalphS> Review of WSDL 2.0 - RDF Mapping [DBooth 2005-12-22]

dbooth: the mapping doc is mostly not done
... so more reviews are needed once the mapping doc is done

Elisa: even the ontology is also partially done
... agree with dbooth

<PhilT> Good point...I agree

dwood: anyone knows the schedule?

dbooth: don't know

<RalphS> kudos to DBooth for his review

dwood: will check with bijan


3.1 PORT - Porting Thesaurii to RDF and OWL (Alistair)

Aliman: previously port TF was not planning to do the 3rd round of publications
... but if we can expect an extension of the the WG
... we can try

3.2 OEP - Ontology Engineering and Patterns (Deb/Chris)

<dwood> Elisa will take over from Chris as OEP TF co-chair

Deb: actions items, JeffP sent a review
... the next step is to ...
... I agree with ...
... the review of .. is continuing

the action item by JeffP is complete

<jeremy> sorry my review of qcr is still to do,please contiinue action

ralph: I propose to drop Dan's action

Deb: I am fine with it

dwood: what's the plan for the next month for OEP?

Deb: should check with Chris
... give me an atction

ACTION: Deb to report the plan of OEP [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action03]

<Elisa> nothing more from me, thnks

<RalphS> it appears to me that DanBri's action to investigate spatial relations work in SWIG came from the Galway f2f http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2005Nov/0144.html

3.4 XSCH - XML Schema Datatypes (Jeremy)

Jeremy: needs to talk to JeffP about the different opinions

JeffP We more or less agree on what is needed.

<RalphS> 12-December meeting record records "[DONE] ACTION: jeremy to contact jeff re resolving the XSD issues"

<RalphS> apparently Jeremy feels this action is still PENDING

<RalphS> ACTION: [PENDING] jeremy to contact jeff re resolving the XSD issues [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action04]

JeffP: I will email Jeremy to arrange phone conversation about this.

3.5 VM - Vocabulary Management (TomB)

Ralph: having some way to include the rational from the cookbook would be good

aliman: agree with ralph
... still half way reading the doc

Ralph: can we publish the draft next telecon?
... we had two reviewers

dbooth: ralph changes the doc after my review

<aliman> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2006Jan/0004.html review from andreas, forwarded by tomB

Ralph: you should wait till later version

3.6 HTML - Embedding RDF in HTML (Ben)

ben: We have produced a new draft; the doc is available today

Ralph: GaryNG and Dbooth to review it

Ben: the goal of the doc is the one doc published through this task force in the WG
... the other doc will move to the html WG(?)

dwood: any comments?

Ben: people send them to the mailing list too

dwood: action items?

Jeremy: my action is not done

3.8 RDFTM - RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability (Steve)

Ralph: during the mail conversation, there will be no change of doc status
... the WG approves the draft is now a WG note
... it has been discussed in previous meeting

dwood: I remember the WG agree to it

Ralph: I was not present in the meeting

<RalphS> incomplete meeting records regarding rdftm-survey document transition

Ralph: we can reapprove it

dwood: resolved, no objection

<RalphS> PROPOSE: WG transition http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/WD-rdftm-survey-20050329/ to WG Note status

Ralph: there will be no changes in the contents

dwood: resolved the above proposal

<RalphS> my query to Valentina

Ralph's action item is done

<RalphS> Valentina's reply

dwood: I will propose a precedure to close the WG (to Guus and Ralph)

Ralph: that will be fine

3.9 Tutorial Page

dwood: can we discuss that at the end, Jeremy?

Jeremy: no problem

3.10 SE - Software Engineering

Phil: we have gone through a final review of the OO Primer draft
... and we ask for WG publishment
... we had some feedback from Grady

<Elisa> I also provided feedback on this one ... and my comments were addressed

Phil: which are more about the context

Elisa: I review on behalf of the WG

dwood: we want to make sure all the comments are satisfied

<RalphS> [SE] comments on primer [Jeremy 2005-11-15]

Ralph: propose to accept it on condition that Jeremy checks his comments

dwood: resolved

<RalphS> PROPOSE to publish http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/SE/ODSD/20051217/ as a WG Note contingent upon Jeremy's satisfaction with response to his review


action of Guus is dropped

3.11 MM - Multimedia Annotation

Jacco: we asked Guus to do the second review

Jacco: it is half review, mostly editorial

<RalphS> [MM] Review (partial): Image annotation on the Semantic Web [Guus 2006-01-09]

Jacco: should wait for the second half
... and then do the change and propose to change its status

Jacco: the question is if we can have a conditional approval

dwood: who is the first reviewer?

Jacco: Mike

dwood: I prefer we have two full reviews
... do we have any more reviews?

Jacco: no

Jacco: I sent a call for requirements

<RalphS> (ACTION Ralph to cite relevant CG meeting records regarding SemWeb Education & Outreach discussions [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/11/05-swbp-minutes.html#action04]

<RalphS> -- this came from the f2f

Jacco: to describe multimedia ontologies

dwood: if the TF wants the WG have a position, then have a TF position first
... then send it to the WG

Jacco: or shall we give a personal opinions

dwood: up to the TF

<GiorgosStamou> Ok thanks, it is clear

<Jacco_> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2005Dec/0126.html

<chalaschek> Jan. 24

Ralph: deadline is Jan 24
... it is not practical to have WG position

<GiorgosStamou> we can ask for an extension

Ralph: if we can have an extension and the TF believes it is critical to have a WG position
... I am inclined to send personal comments

<GiorgosStamou> OK

<chalaschek> ok with me

Jacco: agreed since it is not crucial

Jeff: fine

<GiorgosStamou> Action by Gus is partially done

<GiorgosStamou> thanks Jacco

dwood: AOB
... procedure comments from Jeremy

Jeremy: the world view task force TF was closed by the simple process of a proposal from a WG member, and voted on by WG.. Obviously with adequate notice

Upcoming Meetings

Ralph: there is a TP in France; last week of Feb and first week of march

<RalphS> 27 Feb - March 3 Tech Plenary

Ralph: Mar 2-3 for SWBPD

<jeremy> which other WG conflict: DAWG, RIF?

Ralph: both Guus and David could not be there

<RalphS> one option is for March 2 & 3 to be a joint SWBPD and SWIG meeting

Jeff: no conflict with RIF

<RalphS> Member Events Calendar

Summary of Action Items

[DONE] ACTION: DBooth review WSDL 2.0 RDF Mapping: [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action08]
[DONE] ACTION: dbooth and andreas harth to review 'HTTP cookbook' [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action23]
[DONE] ACTION: Ben produce schedule for getting RDF/A editor's drafts docs ready for WG review [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action27]
[DONE] ACTION: Ralph check with Valentina on whether there are editorial changes to rdftm-survey, then start WG Note publication process if none [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action30]

[NEW] ACTION: DBooth to propose TAG clarification questions around httpRange-14 [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: Deb to report the plan of OEP [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action03]
[PENDING] ACTION: garyng and jeremy to review OWL chapter of ODM review by 9 jan 2006 [http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action06] [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action02]
[PENDING] ACTION: jeremy to contact jeff re resolving the XSD issues [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/01/09-swbp-minutes.html#action04]

[WITHDRAWN] ACTION: bwm and jacco to review dbooth and dwood message re httpRange-14 [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action02]
[WITHDRAWN] ACTION: guus ping SE TF re making the primer a Note, before 9 jan telcon [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action33]

(the following were copied forward from the meeting agenda)

[PENDING] ACTION: guus to find out if his and Jacco's project have strong use case for DESCRIBE [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action04]
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to arrange telecon between himself, Alistair and PFWG [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action07]
[PENDING] ACTION: Elisa review WSDL 2.0 RDF Mapping: [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action08]
[PENDING] ACTION: Elisa chris to get revised draft of QCR off alan, [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action18]
[PENDING] ACTION: Chris to move QCR note to W3C space [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action11]
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to incorporate Alistair's comments into revised draft of QCR draft, based on Alan's revision [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action19]
[PENDING] ACTION: Chris to move todo's to the changes section [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action12]
[PENDING] ACTION: Raphael Georgios S, Fabien, Phil to review Semantic Integration note [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action15]
[PENDING] ACTION: Chris and Alan to work with Ralph to make part-whole ready for publication [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action17]
[PENDING] ACTION: Evan to send note to Feng on discussion of semantics [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action13]
[PENDING] ACTION: Dan to investigate spatial relations work in SWIG [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action16]
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to review OWL Time note [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action09]
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to bring issue wrt URI space for ontologies to SWCG [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action14]
[PENDING] ACTION: mark van assem to produce revised draft of wordnet document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action20]
[PENDING] ACTION: TomBaker to add something on where we see the Vocabulary Management work going in the future [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action24]
[PENDING] ACTION: GaryNG and Dbooth to review RDF/A primer by 16 Jan [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action29]
[PENDING] ACTION: ben to contact alistair on use of frag id's [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action28]
[PENDING] ACTION: jeremy to contact rdf/html task force re dbooth's position on httpRange-14 [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action05]
[PENDING] ACTION: DanBri to ask TF for sign-off on putting the draft xhtml vocab to the WG for review. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action26]
[PENDING] ACTION: benjamin to provide interactive web page for Tutorials [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action32]
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to review Image annotation editor's draft [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action34]
[PENDING] ACTION: MN editors to work with Ralph on publication [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action35]
[PENDING] ACTION: Ralph cite relevant CG meeting records [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/12/12-swbp-minutes.html#action31]

[End of minutes]
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