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Default Time and Location


A scribe is required for each meeting to produce a record of the meeting. Scribe duties are shared as equitably as possible among the WG participants. See the ScribesList for the schedule of scribes for upcoming meetings. For some helpful hints on scribing in the IRC, see

Roll Call and Participants Responsibilities

Please be sure you are familiar with your responsibilities as a RIF participant, to ensure that telecons go smoothly and are not interrupted by excessive technical or adminstrative glitches. Read RegretsPolicy, UsingZakim, and TeleconEtiquette.


How to add a new Meeting Page

Edit this page and add the new meeting page to the list of meetings so that the list maintains a reverse chronological order (such that the next meeting is first). Name the meeting page as above "yyyy-mm-dd Meeting". Preview and save your change, then click on your new meeting link, and create the page using the MeetingTemplate.