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Peter F. Patel-Schneider, JeffPan, BenjaminGrosof, EdBarkmeyer(likely late arrival), DieterFensel, OraLassila

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Recommended Preparation


Duration: 90 min

Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 conference code 74394# ('RIFWG') IRC Chat: (port 6665), #rif Web-based IRC (member-only):

Chair: Christian de Sainte Marie

Scribe: Axel Polleres (first alternate: Benjamin Grosof)

Please note that RIF WG telecons are for for attendance only by Working Group Participants and guests invited by the chairs.

1. ADMIN (10 min)

PROPOSED: accept minutes of last meeting

with amendment:

ACTION: sandro add link about wiki usage

ACTION: sandro update main web page re: meetings

ACTION: chris to propose a set of tags for different subgroups DONE.

2. Liason (10 min)

3. Use Case & Requirements (35 min)

ACTION: Use case editors publish first draft by Jan 17 CONTINUED.

4. OWL & RDF Compatibility (15 min)

5. Classification (15 min)

ACTION: benjamin to start a wiki page with initial list of systems

ACTION: chris clarify desiderata for list of classifications

ACTION: Chris Classifications draft Jan 31 CONTINUED.

6. AOB (5 min)