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Recommended Preparation


Duration: 90 min

Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 conference code 74394# ('RIFWG') IRC Chat: (port 6665), #rif Web-based IRC (member-only):

Chair: Scribe:

Please note that RIF WG telecons are for for attendance only by Working Group Participants and guests invited by the chairs.

1. ADMIN (10 min)

Roll call (please read before telecon the following) RIF Regrets Policy: Using Zakim: Telecon Etiquette:

Next Meeting: 4 April (usual time and duration!)

PROPOSED: accept minutes of last meeting

Agenda amendments

2. F2F Meetings (5 minutes)

PROPOSED: accept minutes of F2F2 meeting F2F3 Web page:

Discussion of F2F4 options - MITRE proposal

3. Liaison (5 min)

Review active liaisons: SPARQL (W3C) - Enrico Franconi XQuery, XPath (W3C) - Massimo Marchiori Common Logic (ISO) - Bill Andersen & Chris Menzel PRR (OMG) - Paul Vincent SBVR (OMG) - Donald Chapin ODM (OMG) - Elisa Kendall

4. Use Case & Requirements (20 min)

Wiki Page: Working draft:

ACTION: ChrisW tell commonlogic about UCR pub [DONE]

ACTION: csma to publicise to Java Rules

ACTION: John Hall to publicise to BR community

ACTION: JosB to publicise to SPARQL

ACTION: Paul, Donald and Lisa to publicize WD within the standards you represent

ACTION: Sandro to set up a wiki page to record dissemination actions

Wiki page

5. Technical Design (15 min)

ACTION: chair to put design for extensibility and discussion of proposals on agenda for next telecon

7. AOB (5 min)

ACTION: Chris to start email discussion about what issues are "fuzzy" wrt phase 1 & 2