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Date and Location

The third F2F meeting of the WG was held in Budva (Montenegro) on June 8-9, co-located with the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006, June 10-14).

It was hosted by DERI and REWERSE (in collaboration with KnowledgeWeb and the European Semantic Systems Initiative).

Contact persons: PaulaLaviniaPatranjan, AxelPolleres.


Present: Hassan, PieroB, PaulaP, Uta, PaulV, GaryH, GiorgosStoilos, PascalH, MichelSintek, MarkusK, DaveR, MichealK, DavidH, HaroldB, Igor, AndreasH, JosDeBruijn, Darko, Axel, Sandro, Christian, Chris

Remote (Phone/IRC): MikeD, Peter, EvanW, AlexK, LeoraM




Each agenda session is linked to the minutes for that session.

In addition, see the slides editied on-screen during the requirement sessions.

Detailled agenda

Thursday 8

8-8:30 Registration

8:30-9:30 Session 1: Meeting introduction and current roadmap ( draft minutes)

9:30-10 break

10-12 Session 2: Quick review of proposed requirements (draft minutes) [1]

12-13:30 lunch

13:30-14:15 Session 3: UC (draft minutes) [2]

14:15-15:30 Session 4: RIFRAF (draft minutes) [3]

15:30-16 break

16-18 Session 5: Requirements (draft minutes) [1]

Friday 9

8-12 Session 1: Requirements cont'd (break from 10-10:30) (draft minutes) [1]

12-1:30 lunch

1:30-1:45 Session 2: Administration, including F2F4, F2F5 (draft minutes)

1:45-3:30 Session 3: wrapping up requirements (draft minutes) [1]

2:30-3:30 Session 4: Discussion of RIFRAF (draft minutes) [3]

3:30-4 break

4-5 Session 5: wrapping up UC&R (draft minutes)

5-6 Session 6: Discussion of technical proposals & wrapup (draft minutes) [4]


Relevant documents



On use cases and the UC&R document, see also:


See also:


See also:



Everything from here down is probably no longer relevant

registration closed May 3.

Some notes on the registration form and the offered transportation service:

Teleconference Information

Remote participants should be able to join via the usual teleconference mechanism. (Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 74394 ("RIFWG")). The bridge is available Thursday, 8 Jun - Friday, 9 Jun, 2:00am-1:00pm/06:00-17:00 UTC.

Meeting Infrastructure

The following will be provided for the meeting:

Also, there will be bottles of mineral water in the meeting room during the F2F3; 2 coffee breaks per day and lunch are also organized.

Travel Information

For booking flights to Montenegro already, find travel and airport information at the ESWC2006 webpage.

Among the airports mentioned on that site, probably Dubrovnik is the choice with most international connections. This includes for example daily connections to London, Paris, Frankfurt. Dubrovnik is also connnected to Bratislava and Budapest via Skyeurope, who offer low priced flights all over Europe. Moreover, for people traveling from Vienna there are direct flights to Podgorica and Dubrovnik by Austrian Airlines.

Cheap connections from Germany can be found here:

Hotel Information

Hotel Maestral (see confirmed to have the following rooms available available at special rate for participants of the F2F meeting at the following conditions:

Compared with the regular prices, e.g. Maestral is 110 EUR per night per person (double room single use, instead of 133 EUR regular rate), breakfast included.

For contact addresses or telephone numbers of the hotels see ESWC2006 webpage.

NOTE: Probably, the ESWC organizers will provide a registration form for room and transport reservations (We will update information on this page accordingly).


  1. The deadline for reservations made directly by the participants under these conditions is on 2006-05-18.
  2. For all cancellations made by the participants until 2006-05-18 the Hotel will not charge any cancellation fees.
  3. For all cancellations made by the participants from 2006-05-19 until 2006-06-05 there will be a charge equal to the amount of 1 overnight, for the cancelled rooms.
  4. For all cancellations made by the participants from 2006-06-06 there will be a full charge equal to the amount of reserved overnights, for the cancelled rooms.



The rate of 20 EUR seems very reasonable. Compared to that Taxis are very expensive there: From Budva (7 km) - around 12 Euro. It takes approx 1.20h to get to Maestral from Podgorica and approx. 2 hours from Dubrovnik.

NOTE: Probably, the ESWC organizers will provide a registration form for room and transport reservations (We will update information on this page accordingly).