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Role: Principal, from DFKI GmbH, living in Kaiserslautern, Germany


Task Areas

Designing a rule language for the Semantic Web and thus being compatible to RDF and OWL and also compatible with the general idea of the Semantic Web, i.e., being of highly distributed nature and supposed to enable interaction between actors (including ontology and data exchange/ mapping/integration/negotiation/...).


I'm a senior researcher at DFKI (Kaiserslautern site, Knowledge Management Department) and co-head of CCSW (Competence Center Semantic Web).

I have developed, together with Stefan Decker, the rule language TRIPLE, which is based on Horn logic (and comes with a syntax resembling F-Logic, but adapted for the needs of the Semantic Web).

I'm working on the SmartWeb project where we develop multi-modal access to the Semantic Web, which heavily involves the use of rules and ontologies. In this project, we also investigate means to combine Horn rules and OWL.


Email: <sintek AT dfki DOT uni DASH kl DOT de>