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Recommended Preparation



Action Review

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro to organize WBS vote on f2f meeting.

[DONE] ACTION: AxelP to set up logistics F2F page. see

[DONE] ACTION: Peter P-S to make proposal on Wiki for F2F at ISWC, Athens, Nov 2006. See

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Dieter to review the Requirements

[DONE] ACTION: Axel to review the Requirements see

[DONE] ACTION: JosDB to review the Requirements see

[DROPPED] ACTION: Chris Welty will come up with another example narrative for a RichKR use case . action deprecated by f2f resolution on section

[CONTINUED] ACTION: csma will incite data access discussion on mailing list.

[DONE] ACTION: Allen to respond to "Third Party" comments. see

[DONE] ACTION: Chris to respond to RichKR comments (completed by IanH). [see]

[DROPPED] ACTION: Christian to respond to "Publication" comments. action deprecated by f2f resolution on section

[DONE] ACTION: Ed to synthesize comments on Coverage by Friday and propose ways to answer the comments. see

[DROPPED] ACTION: FrankMcCabe to respond to "Information Integration" comments. action deprecated by f2f resolution on section

[DONE] ACTION: Leora to respond to "Decision Support" comments. see

[DONE] ACTION: paula to clarify list of requirements taking comments into account. see RIFUCR - List of Classified Requirements (with Duplicate Elimination)

[DONE] ACTION: Paula to respond to "Policy-Based..." comments. see

[DROPPED] ACTION: PaulV to respond to "Cross-Platform..." comments. action deprecated by f2f resolution

[DROPPED] ACTION: Said to respond to Human rules comments. Action deprecated by f2f resulution

[DROPPED] ACTION: Said to rspond to "Third Party" comments. Action completed by AllenG.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: PaulV to modify UC 2.3, new title ("Negotiating e-Busines Contracts across Rule Platforms") and different description.

[DONE] Action on UC&R editors to change title of 2.4 to Disclosing and Negotiating Buyer and Seller Policies and Preferences in eCommerce Transactions. See

[DONE] ACTION: PFPS to ask Ian to make changes to use case RichKR ( remove uncle example and replace with brain anatomy example; make title be Interchanging rule extensions to OWL - A Brain Anatomy Research Example). see

[DONE] ACTION: FranckMcCabe to remove data integration from 2.1, retitle (Access to Business Rules of Supply Chain Partners), and revise, ensuring that there are rules there. See

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro to add new use case about data integration (title: "Vocabularly Mapping for Data Integration").

[DONE] ACTION: Allan as editor of UCR to remove 2.6. See

[DONE] ACTION: Chris to tell Leora to make changes to 2.2 (change title to Ruleset integration for Medical Decision Support, drop e-learning, concentrate on prescription part (and extend slightly).

[CONTINUED] ACTION: John, Don, Said - Retitle UC "Managing Inter-Organizational Business Policies and Practices" and rewrite.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Christian to create new Wiki page for requirements.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Chris to start email discussion about what issues are "fuzzy" wrt phase 1 & 2.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: JeffP, Hassan to review RAF page.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: csma to send an email to make a distinction between OWL and RIF roles.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Frank to make his point about semantics of production rules on the mailing list.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Harold to explain technically the basis for interoperation between PR and Horn rules. What pure production rules are - item 2 on slides (slide 5) “Syntactic and semantic extensions of Horn Logic”, points 2.1.1 - 2.1.3.

[CONTINUED] ACTION: JeffP to propose slight extension to medical decision support UC.