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David Hirtle

Email: <David.Hirtle AT gmail DOT com>

I've been involved with the Rule Markup Initiative at NRC-IIT since 2003, my initial contribution being conversion of the specification from DTD to XML Schema. I have maintained (and documented) the evolving spec over the course of five releases since then, making several technical innovations along the way including a content-model based approach (facilitating modularization), a dual expanded ("striped") and compact ("stripe-skipped") syntax, XSLT upgraders and normalizers, as well as context-sensitive tags. I also contributed to related W3C submissions (SWRL, SWSL and WebRuleLanguage), and recently compiled a full glossary of RuleML tags.

My long-term interest is in computational linguistics, where my current work is to map natural language to formal rules (in RuleML) via Attempto Controlled English.