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AGENDA Teleconference 
W3C Rules Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group
25 April 2006
1600 UTC, 0800 (West US) 1100 (East US) 1600 (London) 1700 (Paris)

Duration: 90 min

*TOPICS for this meeting*
1. Admin
2. F2F Meetings
     - updates on F2F3 and F2F4
3. Liaisons
4. Use Cases and Requirements
    - Discussion of specific design constraints
5. Technical Design, Extensibility
6. AOB

Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 conference code 74394# ('RIFWG')
IRC Chat: (port 6665), #rif
Web-based IRC (member-only): []
Meeting Wiki: []


Chair: Chris Welty
Scribe:  Michael Kifer
See Scribes List []

Please note that RIF WG telecons are for for attendance
only by Working Group Participants and guests invited
by the chairs.

1. ADMIN (10 min)

- Roll call (please read before telecon the following)
RIF Regrets Policy:
Using Zakim:
Telecon Etiquette:

- Next Meeting: 2 May

- PROPOSED: accept minutes of last meeting

- review actions:
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Public membership list needs to be extended to include Alex 

- Agenda amendments

2. F2F Meetings (5 minutes)

-Action review
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro to set up registration page for F2F3
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Paula to check on phone-call-in capability, and if we'll have a speaker phone, and network at f2f3? 
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro set up straw-poll on F2F4 (MITRE - 3 different dates - and Peter/ISWC) 

- Update on F2F3 and F2F4

3. Liaison (5 min)

- Review active liaisons:
SPARQL (W3C) - Enrico Franconi, JosDeRoo?
XQuery, XPath (W3C) - Massimo Marchiori
Common Logic (ISO) - Bill Andersen & Chris Menzel
PRR (OMG) - Paul Vincent
SBVR (OMG) - Donald Chapin
ODM (OMG) - Elisa Kendall, Evan Wallace?

4. Use Case & Requirements (50 min)

Wiki Page:
Working draft:

- Review actions

[DONE] ACTION: Francois write up what he's saying on the DesignConstraints page
See message and ensuing thread:

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Leora to set up draft proposal on what we mean by FOL 
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Leora to Write up CSF for FOL 
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro and Igor to find a name+definition for the "pure prolog" requirement that does not mention "pure prolog"
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro to discuss on email whether the "pure prolog" requirement can be replaced by a "horn logic" requirement or if we need both 
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Frank will produce an initial diagram with existing constraints 
[CONTINUED] ACTION: sandro to clarify meaning of sound and what is the requirement on RIF 
[CONTINUED] ACTION: Sandro to clarify whether sound reasoning constraint with unknown dialects is a requirement or a critical success factor

- Discuss specific design constraints
Wiki page

5. Technical Design (15 min)

[CONTINUED] ACTION: Chris to start email discussion about what issues are "fuzzy" wrt phase 1 & 2

- Proposal by Harold & Michael:

7. AOB (5 min)