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Toward a More Secure Web - W3C Workshop on Transparency and Usability of Web Authentication

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Submitted Position Papers

Dieter Bartl and Matthias Stoffel Optimising authentication features in the web browser
Tyler Close Petname Tool: Enabling web site recognition using the existing SSL infrastructure
John Linn, Burt Kaliski, Moti Yung, Magnus Nyström Applying Context to Web Authentication
Phil Archer The QUATRO approach to Transparency and Usability of Web Authentication
Prasanta Behera, Naveen Agarwal A confidence model for web browsing
D. Rotondi A Server Authentication Procedure Proposal
Frederick Hirsch and Hubert A. Le Van Gong Approaches to Simplify Server Authentication
Rolf Oppliger, Ralf Hauser, David Basin Browser Enhancements to Support SSL/TLS Session-Aware User Authentication
Sebastian Gajek and Jörg Schwenk Reversed Responsibilities: Browser Authentication instead of Server Authentication
Ami Grynberg Enhancing browsers and servers with Anti-Spoof data elements - Or, thinking outside the box
Amir Herzberg Protecting Web Users from Malicious Content and Sites
Jose Kahan Usability and document authentication issues
Ian Fette, Norman Sadeh, Lorrie Cranor Web Security Requirements: A Phishing Perspective
Tim Moses Position Statement
Chuck Wade Financial Industry Requirements for Better Mutual Authentication
Peter Lipp Position paper
Kaliya Hamlin and Johannes Ernst YADIS Position Paper
Andrei Obrea Position paper
Mary Ellen Zurko, Dave Wilson Using History, Collaboration, and Transparency to Provide Security
Robert W Capps II Digital Authentication for an Analog World: Why Authentication Processes Fail and How Do We Fix Them
Kenneth Wright II Position paper
John Merrells and Dick Hardt Position Paper for the W3C Workshop on Transparency and Usability of Web Authentication
Todd Inskeep (Provisional Outline)
Andy Ozment and Stuart E. Schechter and Rachna Dhamija Web Sites Should Not Need to Rely On Users to Secure Communications
Shivaram H. Mysore Web Authentication Today and For Tomorrow
Kaliya Hamlin, Phillip J. Windley, Aldo Castaneda Identity Rights Agreements and Provider Reputation. Identity Commons Position Paper.
Phillip Hallam-Baker Secure Internet Letterhead
Michael B. Jones The Identity Metasystem: A User-Centric, Inclusive Web Authentication Solution
Karima Boudaoud and Nicolas Nobelis Web Authentication based on a Community of Trust and on a User-centred Approach
Mike Beltzner Position Paper
Sebastian Gajek and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi Client Authentication in Federations Using a Security Mode
Drew Dean Authentication for web services
George Staikos Improving Internet Trust and Security
Jeffrey B. Ritter and Said Tabet Position Paper
Dan Connolly Some Problems and Possible Solutions in Web Authentication
Charles McCathieNevile Transparent and Usable Security on the Web
Jeffrey Nelson, David Jeske Limits to Anti-Phishing
Daniel T. Dreymann CertifiedEmail - a New Trustworthy Messaging Class
Eve Maler Observations on Distributed Authentication and Authorization in Web Applications
Terry Hayes Position Paper
Lisa Dusseault IETF Work on HTTP Authentication

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