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Communities of practice with an interest in Sensor Web and Sensor Networks

  • Communities using SWE standards/SensorML (sensors)
    • environmental sensing: Ocean Observatories, Earth Observation, MET/Hydro
  • Communities not using SWE or SensorML (sensors and actuators)
    • applications in urban and industrial environments: mobile apps, RFID+Sensors, other WSN for "non-geospatial" apss
    • measurement and scientific workflows (instruments, metrology, control systems):
      • chemical process (OntoCAPE), industrial automation, powers systems
    • "soft" sensors, e.g. humans and sensory info: MINET, MPEG-V

Most of the pointers listed below belongs to the first category, except maybe:

  • Semantic reality (DERI), and new work by KNOESIS (e.g. the presentation by Amit at the Dagstuhl Seminar) at the instersection of Sensor Web and Social Web
  • work by the Grid community on instruments (CIMA, OGF)

Not as much work on Semantics by other communities but they have started to identifiy the need for an ontology.

Ontology may mean for them quite a number of different things:

  • common terms glossary/lexicon/thesaurus,
  • controlled vocabulary/taxonomy,
  • common model (UML-ish)
  • common ontologies (OWL) - possibly even a community-managed "foundry"

Communities using SWE standards/SensorML (sensors)

Interested in ontologies

Interested in standards

See also SSN-XG Liaison activities with MPEG-V, ISO/IEC Study group on Sensors, ...

EU research projects:



European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts


OASIS Quantities and Units of Measure Ontology Standard (QUOMOS) TC


OMG Quantities, Units, Dimensions, Values (QUDV) working group of the SysML 1.2 Revision Task Force (RTF),

MMI again: standards list (short) at

Mailing lists:

CONET Research Roadmap on Cooperating Objects

Communities of practice with an interest in Sensors

Interested by standards



EU Project Measuring the Impossible

MINET coordinates activities for ‘Measuring the Impossible (MtI)’ i.e. research in areas of interdisciplinary science aimed at supporting the development of new methods and investigative techniques for the measurement of complex phenomena that are dependent on human perception and/or interpretation. This includes, for example, measurements relating to the perceived attributes of products and services, such as quality or desirability, or the quantification of societal parameters such as security and well-being. It is funded under the EU 6th Framework Programme as a NEST Pathfinder project.


Interested by systems development

OOSTethys (&Oceans IE): US National Science Foundation Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)

ESONET and GEOSS ESONET Standardization and interoperability

Space Physics Archive Search and Extract

Earth Exploration: Service Support Environment community


Open Grid Forum: Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment - RG and DORII

CIMA, Common Instrument Middleware Architecture, is an instrument services architecture.

Tharaka Devadithya, Kenneth Chiu, Donald F. McMullen Technical Report TR616: The Common Instrument Middleware Architecture: Overview of Goals and Implementation J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2006, 46 (3), pp 1017–1025

Donald F. McMullen, Ian M. Atkinson, Ken Chiu, Peter Turner, Kianosh Huffman, Romain Quilici, Mathew Wyatt Toward Standards for Integration of Instruments into Grid Computing Environments


Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) and formerly

Other communities of practice

Interested by ontologies


EU projects:

Ontology foundries (and projects developing modular ontologies)

Upper ontologies: