Delivery Context Ontology

W3C Working Group Note 29 June 2010

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José Manuel Cantera Fonseca, Telefónica I+D
Rhys Lewis, then at Volantis Systems Ltd.


The Delivery Context Ontology provides a formal model of the characteristics of the environment in which devices interact with the Web or other services. The Delivery Context includes the characteristics of the Device, the software used to access the service and the Network providing the connection among others.

The Delivery Context is an important source of information that can be exploited to create context-aware applications, thus providing a compelling user experience.

The ontology is formally specified in the Web Ontology Language. This document describes the ontology and gives details of each term that it contains.

The normative definition of the ontology terms is generated automatically from the OWL file.

Status of This Document

This document has been discontinued as part of the closure the Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group.