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Note: This XG closed on 8 October 2009.

The SWOP and S-TEN projects, with the POSC Caesar Association, believe that it is possible to define a small core of basic classes and properties for product modelling. This "product core" could be the basis of the ontologies defined by the two projects, and for many other application ontologies. This core could help the development of Web ontologies derived from existing international standards, such as IFC, STEP and ISO 15926. Therefore it is proposed to set up a W3C "Product Modelling" incubator group which will develop this core.

See the charter for more information.


We have a public Wiki now at:

Only members can edit after request of a wiki account (and after the chair has given them edit rights).



First Product Modelling XG (W3PM) 'Face2Face'-Meeting

* Friday 24th October 2008, 8:30-18:00 hour

* During TPAC-2008

* Room: 2 (not member confidential/observers allowed)

* Initial Chair: Michel Böhms - TNO (NL)

* Initial Secretary: David Leal - Caesar Systems Limited (UK)

More Info at:


About the Product Modelling XG

Michel Böhms, Product Modelling Incubator Group Chair
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