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Emotion-oriented (or "affective") computing is gaining importance as interactive technological systems become more sophisticated. Representing the emotional states of a user or the emotional states to be simulated by a user interface requires a suitable representation format. Although several non-standard markup languages containing elements of emotion annotation have been proposed, none of these languages have undergone thorough scrutiny by emotion researchers, nor have they been designed for generality of use in a broad range of application areas.

The Emotion Incubator Group will discuss and propose scientifically valid representations of those aspects of emotional states that appear to be relevant for a number of use cases. The group will condense these considerations into a formal draft specification.


2008-11-24: Publication of the final report; XG closed.

2008-01-09: Fill in this Questionnaire to provide your opinion about the priorities that should be given to various features of an Emotion Markup Language.

2007-11-29: The Emotion Markup Language XG opened with a new charter and duration of one year.

2007-07-11: The original Emotion XG is closed. See the Final Report of the (First) W3C Emotion Incubator Group.

2006-07-19: Emotion XG launched (public W3C news, Member only Call for Participation)


Working documents

Documents listed in this section are work in progress, open for discussion. Feedback is welcomed via the public mailing list.

Meetings and Minutes

2008-11-13 Phone meeting

2008-11-06 Phone meeting [agenda][minutes]

2008-10-24 Face-to-face meeting in Cannes [minutes session 1, session 2, session 3, session 4]

2008-10-02 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-09-18 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-09-04 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-08-21 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-07-31 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-07-03 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-06-19 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-02-28 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2008-01-31 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

2007-12-19 Phone meeting [agenda] [minutes]

Marc Schröder, Emotion Markup Language Incubator Group Chair
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