W3C Open Source Software - News for 2003

This is an archive of the W3C open source software release news for the year 2003. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information

Jigsaw 2.2.3

27 November 2003: Jigsaw 2.2.3 released. Lots of bug & stability fixes as well as SSL support for WebDAV.. See http://www.w3.org/Jigsaw/RelNotes.html for more details. (News archive)

Amaya 8.2

13 November 2003: Amaya 8.2 released. It includes bug fixes and several new features among which : a new selection, a 'show applied style' command to show the CSS rules applied to the selected element, an automatic save, the parsing of all SVG 1.0 elements and attributes. See http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/New.html for more details. (News archive)

Winie 1.0.9a

10 November 2003: Winie released. This release include many HTTP/1.1 compliance fixes that will be part of upcoming Jigsaw/2.2.3 release. (News archive)

Metalog 2.0b

21 October 2003: Metalog 2.0b is a reasoning tool for the Semantic Web, designed as a showcase to finally make reasoning and thinking about the Web easy for the people. It offers advanced reasoning/query capabilities, together with a pseudo natural language (PNL) interface that is extremely easy and natural to understand. (News archive)

Amaya 8.1b

4 September 2003: Amaya-8.1b release. It includes bug fixes, some changes in the user interface, more support for XML documents, and more. (list of features) (News archive)

HTML-XML-utils 2.8

4 September 2003: HTML-XML-utils updated to 2.8. Fixes a bug in "incl" that duplicated the final "?" in XML processing instructions. (News archive)

Ical2html 0.4

31 July 2003: Ical2html 0.4 released. A third progam has been added: icalmerge to sync two or more iCalendar files. (News archive)

HTML-XML-utils 2.6

15 July 2003: HTML-XML-utils updated to 2.6. Fixes a bug in mkbib that might misread the last reference in a bibliography file. (News archive)

Log Validator 0.2

26 May 2003: Log Validator version 0.2 released. It can help improve the quality of Web sites, regardless of their size. (News archive)

HTML-XML-utils 2.5

9 April 2003: HTML-XML-utils updated to 2.5. It should now compile with GCC 3 and on Mac OS X. (News archive)

Amaya 7.2

3 February 2003: Amaya-7.2 release. It includes bug fixes, some changes in the user interface, more support for XML documents, an OpenGL version with better SVG rendering, and more. (News archive)

Ical2html 0.1

17 January 2003: Ical2html 0.1 released. (News archive)

Jigsaw 2.2.2

8 January 2003: Jigsaw 2.2.2 released. It includes SSL support, even more stability and performance enhancements. (News archive)

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