Results of Questionnaire WAI-Curricula Eagle review for learning outcomes for module, learning outcomes for topic, and general modules and topics structure

The results of this questionnaire are available to anybody. In addition, answers are sent to the following email addresses: dmontalvo@w3.org,shadi+EOsurvey@w3.org

This questionnaire was open from 2020-03-02 to 2020-03-09.

3 answers have been received.

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  1. Review level
  2. General Dependencies
  3. Competencies for Modules
  4. Modules and topics Structure
  5. Additional comments

1. Review level

What level of review did you do?


ChoiceAll responders
I thoroughly reviewed the materials. 1
I skimmed them. 2
I need more time and will review by the date provided below.
I didn't get to it and will not in the near future. I abstain from providing comment.


Responder Review level
Helen Burge I skimmed them.
Laura Keen I thoroughly reviewed the materials.
Sylvie Duchateau I skimmed them.

2. General Dependencies

Please have a look at the section Prerequisites for Students. It relates prior knowledge to the relevant modules of the Introduction to Web Accessibility curriculum.

Please answer the following questions:

  • Do you think these prerequisites are appropriate?
  • Do you think there is any prerequisites missing?
  • Would you add any other prerequisites?


Responder Comments
Helen Burge As the term "modules" are used in the main course and the current, might be good to add into the link text "Introduction Module 2" and "Introduction Module 4" to reduce possible confusion.
Laura Keen I agree with these prerequisites. I have nothing to add.
Sylvie Duchateau No particular comments on this part.

3. Competencies for Modules

In addition to the above description, specific competencies are added at a module level for both students and instructors. Please have a look at specific competencies for:

  • Do you think these competencies are adequate?
  • Do you think there is any competencies missing?
  • Would you add any other competencies?


Responder Comments
Helen Burge Maybe add in the full text after the acronym to help clarify items like "ECMAScript" as not a term I have heard of personally (Googled it to find out is JS).
Laura Keen I'm wondering about listing ECMAScripting as a competency for module 2 and 5. It seems limiting to me. Are we creating a module to teach it? Creating accessible navigation is possible without scripting.
Sylvie Duchateau I don't understand what "ECMAScript programming language" means in module 2, competencies for students and instructors.
In module 3, competencies for stuents and instructors: how images are handled by assistive technologies?
In module 4, for stuents and instructors : how assistive technologies handle with tables : navigating thourgh tables, accessing tables headers...
In module 5, I don't understand iether what "ECMA Script programming language" means.

4. Modules and topics Structure

Please have a look at Modules and topics structure outline. If you can, read the specific topics by following their corresponding links in the outline.

  • Do you think there are any unnecessary or unclear topics in the current outline?
  • Do you miss any topic in the current outline?
  • Do you think there are overlaps in the current topic outline? If so, how would you address them?


Responder Comments
Helen Burge Looks good to me
Laura Keen I think the topics are robust. I didn't see anything that I'd change.
Sylvie Duchateau In images, there should be somewhere a requirement saying that students should make the difference between informative and decorative images and what needs to be described.
In the tables module, not sure that summary attribute is still used?

5. Additional comments

Use the space below to include any additional observations or questions you would like to have considered during the extensive discussion at the face to face meeting next week. Thank you!


Responder Additional Comments
Helen Burge
Laura Keen
Sylvie Duchateau

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  1. Judy Brewer
  2. Eric Velleman
  3. Andrew Arch
  4. Shawn Henry
  5. Shadi Abou-Zahra
  6. Kazuhito Kidachi
  7. Sharron Rush
  8. Dónal Fitzpatrick
  9. David Sloan
  10. Mary Jo Mueller
  11. Vicki Menezes Miller
  12. Reinaldo Ferraz
  13. Howard Kramer
  14. Vivienne Conway
  15. Bill Kasdorf
  16. Jan McSorley
  17. Cristina Mussinelli
  18. Steve Lee
  19. Brent Bakken
  20. Kevin Rydberg
  21. Adina Halter
  22. Denis Boudreau
  23. Sarah Pulis
  24. Kris Anne Kinney
  25. Bill Tyler
  26. Gregorio Pellegrino
  27. Amanda Mace
  28. Ian Smith
  29. Ruoxi Ran
  30. Jennifer Chadwick
  31. Carlos Duarte
  32. Sean Kelly
  33. Muhammad Saleem
  34. Sarah Lewthwaite
  35. Lewis Phillips
  36. Ash Harris
  37. Kim Hodges
  38. Estella Oncins
  39. Isaac Durazo
  40. Daniel Montalvo
  41. Hidde de Vries
  42. Kevin White
  43. Mark Palmer
  44. Omar Bonilla
  45. Jade Matos Carew
  46. Sonsoles López Pernas
  47. Greta Krafsig
  48. Dónal Rice
  49. Gerhard Nussbaum
  50. Jason McKee
  51. Valentina Kirinić
  52. Roberto Perez
  53. Letícia Seixas Pereira
  54. Karl Groves
  55. Jayne Schurick
  56. Donna Bungard
  57. Vijaya Gowri Perumal
  58. Billie Johnston
  59. Emily Lewis
  60. Michele Williams
  61. Mark McCallum

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