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  1. WAI Accessible Media Tutorial

1. WAI Accessible Media Tutorial

Please read the Accessible Media Tutorial. The EO WG requests AG WG approval for publication.

Please post any comments as a new GitHub issue. (If you're not comfortable with GitHub, please put comments in this survey.)

Also, if you raise a new issue, please indicate if your feelings about it are suggested for editor's discretion or if it is something that must be addressed for you to approve publication.


ChoiceAll responders
No show-stoppers - EOWG should publish when they are ready 3
Suggest the following changes (or link to GitHub issues filed) before EOWG publishes 4
I have substantial concerns that EOWG really must fix before publishing 1


Responder WAI Accessible Media TutorialComments
Andrew Kirkpatrick Suggest the following changes (or link to GitHub issues filed) before EOWG publishes 1) Happy to see that Arthur maintains his place in captioning documentation.
2) Techniques G9, 54, 58, 69, 81, 166, 173 / H96 / F8, 30, 67, 74, 75 are not referenced. Some might be helpful.
3) Talk about extended AD but not sign language interpretation. Why some AAA and not others?
4) In the decision tree it isn’t clear what I’m supposed to do – in the first section (does the media contain only audio…) if I say “yes” do I fall out of the tree at the first bullet point in the blue section or do I read all of them? How would I decide if there is contradictory advice? For example, I have audio only media on a page and there is a paragraph that contains the quote that the audio was based on. The first bullet says that I need to provide captions or a transcript. Do I stop there? It gets confusing in that the 3rd and 4th bullets also contain advice and the 4th bullet’s advice is different.
5) Second section – last three bullets talks about audio but the section is about video-only media.
6) What does the "See the previous two items.” at the bottom of the captions section tell me? That one of the previous 3 areas should have resulted in an answer?
7) For audio description, it would be useful to clarify for people how to meet the AA level for audio description when extended description isn’t available. Also, it seems that the last two items are really the same (too-small spaces vs no spaces)
8) I think that the decision tree needs some instructions at the top. Perhaps instead of “continue” it might say “go to section C2” (or D3, etc) and if the questions were numbered this would help people navigate.
9) Why would we want to tell people "While authors cannot prevent YouTube from creating the auto-captions, the captions should always be disabled once the video has been uploaded so that users cannot turn them on.” - the automatic captions provide some access and they will improve over time. Authors should correct them, but I’m hard-pressed to think of why we would prevent users from accessing them if they choose.
David MacDonald Suggest the following changes (or link to GitHub issues filed) before EOWG publishes I think the section on transcripts needs more emphasis on the "description" of the visuals in the video.There is a small sentence about it, but it needs to be fleshed out. This is a common error, that authors think dumping in the striped captions is sufficient.

I also don't think its very apparent that the author can choose Audio Description OR Transcript at level A, and there should be some explanation it is called a "transcript" in the tutorial but called an "Alternative for time based media" https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG/#alt-time-based-mediadef i in WCAG.
Stephen Repsher I have substantial concerns that EOWG really must fix before publishing There seems to be a general neglect for the needs and even mentioning of deaf-blind media consumers throughout the tutorial which I feel needs to be corrected before any approval is given for publication. I described this further here: https://github.com/w3c/wai-media-intro/issues/24
Jake Abma Suggest the following changes (or link to GitHub issues filed) before EOWG publishes Accessible Media Concepts

Subtitles: A text version of a program's audio track, fully synchronized with the audio and translated into another language.
Should be: …and most frequently used to translate into another language…

…or words can selected by the user
Add “be”: …or words can be... selected by the user

In the same way that low-quality, incomplete audio is unacceptable to hearing viewers, captions that do not accurately reflect the audio, or contain spelling and grammatical errors, are unacceptable to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.
The whole sentence should be rewritten as it is a difficult one.

captions and descriptions have benefits
Be consistent: captions and audio descriptions have benefits

Production options for captions

Link doesn’t work

subtitles, on the other hand, are a translation of the audio into another language
This is not definitely so, better to say something like: "subtitles are most frequently used for another language..."

See the discussion about automatic captions for more information.
There’s no discussion, need two or more parties for a discussion...

Caption formats and examples

Link doesn’t work: “and text-based audio descriptions”

Subtitle concepts and examples

Differences between subtitles and captions => “Subtitles, Translation of the audio”
Also here it should be: “Subtitles, translations, as well as same language, of the audio”

Transcript Concepts and Examples

Users can quickly scan a transcript to learn about a video's subject matter prior to watching the video.
Also add audio here “Users can quickly scan a transcript to learn about a video or audio file subject matter prior to watching or hearing the audio or video.

or words can selected by the user
Also add “be” here: “or words can be selected by the user

Bruce Bailey No show-stoppers - EOWG should publish when they are ready I would like to express my appreciation for the several many edits with people’s responses to the survey. Those are all good details that I missed!

I would suggest closer tracking between the definitions for Captions and Subtitles. For example:

Captions: A text version of the program audio that is fully synchronized with the program audio and displayed within the media player. Captions include all dialogue, narration, and spoken words; as well as text identifying non-speech information, such as music and sound effects.

Subtitles: A text version of the program dialogue that is fully synchronized with the program audio and displayed within the media player.
Chris Loiselle Suggest the following changes (or link to GitHub issues filed) before EOWG publishes Nice edits proposed by the group thus far.

It is understood that YouTube is the most used service for uploading and displaying videos across the internet, however I'm weary of publishing an educational document that refers to a specific company. I understand the point is to show real-world examples to reinforce the tutorials, but this may be seen as a type of endorsement.

Also, the link to the CNN mobile player brings the user to the main CNN page. If we are referencing that page, there should be instructions to find the player and how to view options. I.e. If I'm viewing Stephen Colbert's video on the home page on a desktop, the options are found under "configuration button" when within the video player using JAWS 18 Professional, Chrome and a Windows 7 Machine.

Just my two cents.

Nice work on this subject, the tutorial will definitely be a great resources once publishable.
Laura Carlson No show-stoppers - EOWG should publish when they are ready Nice work. Thank you.

Is it appropriate to call out "YouTube" and "Google" in the first paragraph of the basics of automatic captions?

If not, consider changing:

"In fact, most videos uploaded to YouTube are captioned by Google's automatic-captioning process, something many authors do not know. Automatic captions are available in a number of languages. However, the accuracy of these captions is frequently quite low and results in poor-quality captions that often contain..."

to something such as:

"Authors may be surprised to learn that their uploaded videos are often automatically and inaccurately captioned at popular video sharing websites. These poor-quality captions often contain...
* list of items..."

In addition, consider if YouTube should be called out in the workflow section or if it should be more generic. The info is great but as written I wonder if it would be more suited on the vendor's own site.
Rick Johnson No show-stoppers - EOWG should publish when they are ready

More details on responses

  • Andrew Kirkpatrick: last responded on 9, June 2017 at 15:08 (UTC)
  • David MacDonald: last responded on 9, June 2017 at 22:35 (UTC)
  • Stephen Repsher: last responded on 11, June 2017 at 19:12 (UTC)
  • Jake Abma: last responded on 12, June 2017 at 12:45 (UTC)
  • Bruce Bailey: last responded on 12, June 2017 at 15:10 (UTC)
  • Chris Loiselle: last responded on 15, June 2017 at 13:43 (UTC)
  • Laura Carlson: last responded on 19, June 2017 at 13:31 (UTC)
  • Rick Johnson: last responded on 28, June 2017 at 19:31 (UTC)


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  8. Chus Garcia
  9. Steve Faulkner
  10. Patrick Lauke
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  52. Victoria Clark
  53. Avneesh Singh
  54. Mitchell Evan
  55. Michael Gower
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  57. Scott McCormack
  58. Denis Boudreau
  59. Rachael Bradley Montgomery
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  64. Melanie Philipp
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  66. Oliver Keim
  67. Gundula Niemann
  68. Ruoxi Ran
  69. Wendy Reid
  70. Scott O'Hara
  71. Charles Adams
  72. Muhammad Saleem
  73. Amani Ali
  74. Trevor Bostic
  75. Jamie Herrera
  76. Shinya Takami
  77. Karen Herr
  78. Kathy Eng
  79. Cybele Sack
  80. Audrey Maniez
  81. Jennifer Delisi
  82. Arthur Soroken
  83. Daniel Bjorge
  84. Kai Recke
  85. David Fazio
  86. Daniel Montalvo
  87. Mario Chacón-Rivas
  88. Michael Gilbert
  89. Caryn Pagel
  90. Achraf Othman
  91. Fernanda Bonnin
  92. Jared Batterman
  93. Raja Kushalnagar
  94. Jan Williams
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  101. Jennifer Strickland
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  106. Alain Vagner
  107. Roberto Scano
  108. Rain Breaw Michaels
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  110. Jaunita George
  111. Regina Sanchez
  112. Shawn Thompson
  113. Thomas Brunet
  114. Kenny Dunsin
  115. Jen Goulden
  116. Mike Beganyi
  117. Ronny Hendriks
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  119. Olivia Hogan-Stark
  120. Rashmi Katakwar
  121. Julie Rawe
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  125. Shikha Nikhil Dwivedi
  126. Marie Csanady
  127. Meenakshi Das
  128. Perrin Anto
  129. Stephanie Louraine
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  131. Jan Jaap de Groot
  132. Rebecca Monteleone
  133. Ian Kersey
  134. Peter Bossley
  135. Anastasia Lanz
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  137. Chiara De Martin
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  139. Andrew Barakat
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  141. Helen Zhou
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  209. Julian Kittelson-Aldred
  210. Roland Buss
  211. Aditya Surendranath
  212. Avon Kuo
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