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There are a number of issues that need to be addressed to insure careful evolution of the Web while retaining global interoperability. Many issues revolve around providing for extensibility of stable specifications for languages and protocols by using an extensible set of identifiers; one common way of managing identifiers and their meaning is by use of a registry. The Internet mail framework MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Exchange) was designed to facilitate extensibility in the Internet mail infrastructure, and the Web adopted several of the MIME mechanisms for use in HTTP in other protocols. In particular, MIME's registry of names of languages and file formats (Internet Media Types), and its registry of character sets (charsets) are used in many of the Web's protocols and formats.


The goal of this activity is to help guide the use of MIME protocol elements in Web specifications and implementations, and to analyze, document, and propose solutions to difficulties with current effective use of MIME in the Web. This activity is one of several key developments in helping the community manage extensibility securely and reliably.

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