Product: MIME architecture for the Web

Proposed Revised Goals, etc.

Larry Masinter has sent an email suggesting that work on be de-emphasized or abandoned, and that we should instead focus on:

  1. Reviewing and updating in general the processes around getting items into IANA registries, including media types and URI schemes. This work is ongoing; See for one summary of issues, status, and possible resolutions.
  2. specific update to the Media Type Specifications and Registration Procedures
  3. the "MIME sniffing" document in the websec working group And there are W3C documents:
  4. TAG finding on Internet Media types:
  5. W3C guidelines on registering types: The TAG product should involve review, participation in, and suggested updates to those documents. If necessary, we can also publish a new TAG finding or additional Internet drafts, or other actions, but I think our first priority and schedule should be toward reviewing and updating those documents. In particular, it's unclear whether additional versions of
  6. will be helpful.

The TAG expects to discuss this change of focus at the planned 13-15 September F2F in Edinburgh, UK. If the proposed change of direction is accepted, this product page will be updated accordingly.


The goal of this work is to improve the compatibility between Mime as specified and used for the World Wide Web, and MIME as specified and used for email and other purposes.

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