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TAG Product: URI Documentation Discovery

DRAFT 2012-06-06 by JAR, with a variety of changes; schedule pushed out 3 months

(Note: The problem to be solved has been stated and tracked under TAG issue 57. Some proposals for addressing this issue - but not all of them - propose to re-open TAG issue 14 (httpRange-14), which although closed in 2005 continues to be a source of controversy.)


The goal of this work is to develop an architecture for the provision and discovery of documentation for the meaning and use of individual URIs. Ideally the architecture would be simple, general, performant, consistent with the rest of Web architecture, and accepted by the Semantic Web and Linked Data communities.

It is not clear that this goal is achievable. An alternative direction for the TAG would be a considered decision to leave off pursuit of this project. That would not be a failure.

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Jonathan Rees, Jeni Tennison, Henry S. Thompson

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