Semantic Measures Library

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Semantic Measures Library

Name of the tool: Semantic Measures Library
Home page:
Date of latest release: 2013-07-23
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF
Categories: Semantic Measures, API, Command Line Tool
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DOAP reference:
Company or institution: LGI2P - Ecole des mines d'Alès

(Tool description last modified on 2013-07-24.)


The Semantic Measures Library (SML) is an open source Java library dedicated to semantic measures computation and analysis.

The SML and the toolkit can be used to compute semantic similarity and semantic relatedness between semantic elements (e.g. concepts, terms) or entities semantically characterized (e.g. entities characterized in a semantic graph such as documents annotated by concepts defined in an ontology).

Tools based on the SML are also provided through the SML-Toolkit, a command line software giving access to some of the functionalities of the library.