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Proposals and Issues

SKOS is a stable W3C recommendation now. But as it aims first at simplicity and interoperability, it cannot meet all the requirements from the wider knowledge organization system community.

This page gathers potential issues that can arise while using SKOS, and possible solutions to them. In particular, SKOS, as an RDF-based model, is perfectly amenable to specialization and extension. This page aims at supporting SKOS users to share their experience, and collecting all recipes that can help them find a solution to their specific needs.

Needless to say, contributions from the entire SKOS community are of crucial interest here! And please do not forget that the mailing list is the perfect forum to get feedback, discuss and elaborate on the material added to this page. Anyone is free to subscribe or to post to this mailing list, and to get involved with the discussions at any level.

Postponed issues, from the SWD Issue process

The SKOS recommendation has been designed to solve formal issues. Some of them, though corresponding to identified requirements, and sometimes having an identified solution, were postponed. The main reasons were if including a potential solution into SKOS was harming the interoperability of the whole model, or if the motivating scenarios were not widespread enough. Participants of SKOS community are however strongly encouraged to share their own efforts and solutions for the following issues (no ranking was made!):

Other proposals and issues

Plese insert pointers to subpages dealing with your proposal and/or issue here: