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The problem

Representing temporal evolutions of concept schemes and their content. Versioning.

Relevant work

Focused on KOSs:

  • "A Metadata Registry from Vocabularies UP: The NSDL Registry Project". Diane I. Hillmann, Stuart A. Sutton, Jon Phipps, Ryan Laundry, Dublin Core 2006, has a discussion of versioning SKOS vocabularies on page 4.
  • Two blog posts by Pete Johnston: 1, 2
  • skos-history: Ontology and processing practices for versions of SKOS vocabularies (Project on GitHub)
  • Case study: "Leveraging SKOS to trace the overhaul of the STW Thesaurus for Economics" by Joachim Neubert, applying the skos-history methods (DC-2015 paper)

In more general context:

  • ISO 19135:2005 Geographic information -- Procedures for item registration
    • a generic model for registration (publication) of items in 'registers'
    • includes workflows for modification of registers, and identifies key parties involved in the registration process
    • formalized in a UML profile that is close to RDF

Previous discussions

Related Issues

  • Linking SKOS concepts to other representations of the same referent. See foaf:focus. Different versions of a concept have the same focus, either across different concept schemes, or across different versions of the "same" concept scheme.

People interested in this issue

Bernard Vatant, Antoine Isaac, Joachim Neubert, Hacene Cherfi, Charles Teissèdre, Lise Rozat, Jon Phipps, Simon Cox, Vladimir Alexiev, Eugeniu Costetchi