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This is the errata page for the following documents:

Any change a W3C Recommendation must be approved by a chartered W3C Working Group and the W3C Advisory Committee. Until that happens, this “errata” page lists problems people have reported with the RDF documents, along with proposed solutions. To report a problem, send email to public-rdf-comments@w3.org [archive]. We ask that RDF experts (especially the ones who produced the specifications) to subscribe to that list and help review the proposed changes.

See the list archive for any unprocessed bug reports and in-progress discussion.

# Errata title (with the mail's URI) Errata author Document(s) involved Type (editorial, technical) Details Status
1 TypoGuus Schreiber Primer editorial Sec. 5.1.2: "which can be use", s/use/used Fixed 24 Jun 2014
2 Poorly phrased sentence Shuji KamitsunaPrimer editorial Change suggestion Fixed 24 Jun 2014
3 Typos Shuji KamitsunaPrimer editorial to be fixed Fixed 24 Jun 2014
4 Missing triple in Example 26 Juergen PfundtTurtle editorial to be fixed Open
5 Closing bracket error in Appendix A Shuji KamitsunaSemantics editorial to be fixed Open
6 Superfluous "which" in Appendix B Shuji KamitsunaSemantics editorial to be fixed Open
7 Missing "to" Appendix B Shuji KamitsunaSemantics editorial to be fixed Open
8 "there there" -> "then there", Appendix C Shuji KamitsunaSemantics editorial to be fixed Open
9 text suggestions Sam Pinkus Primer editorial [1] [2] Open
10 wrong order of URI-s in quad example Michał Politowski; Jorge Barba; Johannes Scheiermann Primer editorial [3], [4], [5] Open
11 Typos / Japanese translation Shuji Kamitsuna Turtle editorial [6] Open
12 Typo in references Aidan Hogan Semantics editorial Alex Polleres -> Axel Polleres ([7]) Open
13 Missing references to RDF 1.0 [8] Jonathan Rees Primer, Concepts, Semantics, What's New in RDF 1.1 editorial Add links to RDF 1.0 documents to keep history (e.g. RDF 1.0 Concepts [9]) Open
14 May not should be MUST NOT [10] David Booth Turtle editorial Open
15 Markup & display bug [11] Paul J Weiss Schema editorial Open
16 N-Quads is a syntactic superset of N-Triples David Booth N-Quads editorial See email Open
17 N-Triples is a syntactic subset of N-Quads David Booth N-Triples editorial See email Open
18 Editorial bug in XML Syntax status [12] Dmitriy Borodulin XML Syntax editorial "XMLLiiteral" should be "XMLLiteral" in the status section Open
19 Editorial bug in N-Quads [13] Stéphane Corlosquet N-Quads editorial sec. 6.: "It draws upon the eariler", s/eariler/earlier Open
20 Typo in XML Syntax [14] Víctor Rodríguez Donce XML Syntax editorial Typo in Figs. 1-2 Open
21 Missing prefix [15] Martin Cerny Turtle editorial Examples 24 and 26 Open
22 Japanese translation [16] Shuji Kamitsuna N-Quad editorial Typos in original Open
23 Typos [17] John Hostage Primer editorial See email Open
24 Error in the N-Triples Grammar [18] Peter F. Patel-Schneider N-Triples technical See email Open
25 Error in the RDF 1.1. Primer Note [19] Jodi Schneider Primer editorial See email Open
26 Error in the RDF 1.1. Turtle [20] Jodi Schneider Turtle editorial See email Open
27 Error in the Dataset isomorphism definition [21] Rachel Arnold, Ivan Herman Concepts technical See email Open
28 Typos in RDF 1.1 Primer [22] René Witte Primer editorial See email Open
29 Terminology about IRIs [23] Pierre-Antoine Champin Concepts, Turtle, TriG, RDF/XML editorial See email Open
30 Align blank node labels across NT and TTL [24] Andy Seaborne N-Triples, N-Quads technical See email. See also: rdf-tests. Open
31 Inconsistent description of the domain of rdf:property [25] Matthieu Bosquet Schema editorial original email, summary of the issue Open
32 Issues with N-Quads/N-Triples canonicalization

[26], [27], [28]

Gregg Kellogg, Gregory Williams N-Quads, N-Triples technical

rdf-comments/2022Nov/0000, rdf-comments/2022Nov/0001, rdf-comments/2022Nov/0002

33 Ambiguity of canonical N-Triples


Pierre-Antoine Champin N-Triples technical