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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Create a section in the Wiki for ISSUE-2 Michael Hausenblas 2009-10-08
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Contact Soeren for presenting Triplify and ask Richard to provide D2R documentation a week in advance of his presentation Michael Hausenblas 2009-10-08
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for presentation order on the Wiki Michael Hausenblas 2009-10-08
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Draft first invitation mail to WG Ahmed Ezzat 2009-10-08
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Re-send Marcelo invited expert form Harry Halpin 2009-10-22
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Add material to the Wiki Michael Hausenblas 2009-10-22
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Send email out to europeans explaining daylight savings time. Harry Halpin 2009-10-22
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Double-check EricP's status and have him send in his proposals about mapping Harry Halpin 2009-10-29
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Put Ahmed's proposals regarding R2RML requirements onto the Wiki Michael Hausenblas 2009-10-29
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Will add 10 more participants to telecon Harry Halpin 2009-10-29
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Ask EricP for back-up Harry Halpin 2009-10-29
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Inform li ma Harry Halpin 2009-11-05
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Create an issue regarding SQL/SPARQL of our WG Michael Hausenblas 2009-11-17
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Create Wiki page for liaisons with OWL, RIF, etc. Michael Hausenblas 2009-11-17
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Make a draft scribelist on wiki Harry Halpin 2009-11-24
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Init DDL coverage on Wiki Juan Sequeda 2009-11-24
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Create an issue for vendor-specific data types Michael Hausenblas 2009-11-24
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Update web-page and schedule Harry Halpin 2010-01-19
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Put Souri's draft into a WBS poll and notify the WG Harry Halpin 2010-01-19
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Update to say 'MUST allow to..." Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-01-26
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Update to reflect discussion (3 cases) Sören Auer 2010-01-26
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Add Ahmed's plan to the Wiki Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-01-26
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Update re today's discussion Richard Cyganiak 2010-01-26
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Update website Harry Halpin 2010-02-16
ACTION-25 (edit) closed And Souri to own the use-case documents Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-02-16
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Create F2F Wiki page Michael Hausenblas 2010-03-05
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Invite Olaf some time in the future (will be decided by group) Michael Hausenblas 2011-02-01
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Check on dependencies with non-free ISO Harry Halpin 2010-03-02
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Create Wiki page for RDF team and link from homepage Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-03-09
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Put up data integration use-case Angela Fogarolli 2010-03-09
ACTION-31 (edit) closed RNA alignment sequence use-cases Juan Sequeda 2010-03-09
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Use-case for web-publishing Sören Auer 2010-03-09
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Find old WBS in order to help determine what schedule works Harry Halpin 2010-03-09
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Send mail to the wg regarding expressivity of the language Richard Cyganiak 2010-03-23
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Create or reorganize the requirement wiki page Richard Cyganiak 2010-03-23
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Review the UC and report back to the WG with requests for more details Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-03-30
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Sum up today's discussion Orri Erling 2010-03-30
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Review the UC and report back to the WG with requests for more details Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-04-06
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Begin a draft of Working Group Note on use-cases, ordering them from most complete to least complete Harry Halpin 2010-04-06
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Will make ER diagrams for use-case document Juan Sequeda 2010-04-06
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Structure document motivation, use-cases, and requirements Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-04-13
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Draft motivation text for use-case document Angela Fogarolli 2010-04-13
ACTION-43 (edit) closed And daniel to work on use-case section of document Angela Fogarolli 2010-04-13
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Make sure spreadsheet is complete for their use-cases Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-04-13
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Make sure spreadsheet is complete for their use-cases Sören Auer 2010-04-13
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Make sure spreadsheet is complete for their use-cases Juan Sequeda 2010-04-13
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Make sure spreadsheet is complete for their use-cases Angela Fogarolli 2010-04-13
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Make sure spreadsheet is complete for their use-cases Lee Feigenbaum 2010-04-13
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Draft an Use Case WD with xml-spec Michael Hausenblas 2010-04-20
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Nag each of the use-cases owners to finish off the spreadsheet Juan Sequeda 2010-04-20
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Create WBS poll for use-case document Harry Halpin 2010-04-20
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Take MacTed's changes into account before issuing FPWD Michael Hausenblas 2010-05-11
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Send a READ ME request Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-05-11
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Take fixed UCR document and publish as FPWD + TR URI Harry Halpin 2010-06-02 Use Case and Requirements Document
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Will send out the exact date (perhaps the day before and/or after) with a proposed concrete date to the list Michael Hausenblas 2010-05-25
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Create a wikipage for face-to-face Michael Hausenblas 2010-06-16
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Update UC2 reqs re ETL Michael Hausenblas 2010-06-01
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Update UC4 reqs with section 4 input Michael Hausenblas 2010-06-01
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Update 2.4.2, last para with "This is just part of the <a href="">Multiple Alignment Ontology</a> in OWL DL and remove code frag Michael Hausenblas 2010-06-01
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Add PDDL example to sec. 3.2.3 Michael Hausenblas 2010-06-08
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Send list of SemTech panel members to Harry Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-06-15
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Take care of local organisation of the 1st F2F meeting Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-06-15
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Incorporate Orri's input re datatypes into UCR doc Michael Hausenblas 2011-08-30 Use Case and Requirements Document
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Re-do scribelist to accurately reflect working group composition Harry Halpin 2010-07-06
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Send SemTech people an update once I hear Orri. Harry Halpin 2010-06-22
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Document issues on the SQL-based approach due July 8 Richard Cyganiak 2010-07-06
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Write first draft of SQL-based approach due July 22 Souripriya Das 2010-07-06
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Write note on Ways to Leverage Ontologies due July 8 Juan Sequeda 2010-07-06
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Work on UC&R on OLAP application Daniel Miranker 2011-05-31 Use Case and Requirements Document
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Slap Eric very soon Michael Hausenblas 2010-07-06
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Send sample TC to the group Michael Hausenblas 2010-09-07
ACTION-72 (edit) closed List issues re Datalog approach re PK, FK, etc Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-09-28
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Clean up the actions Michael Hausenblas 2010-10-05
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Sum up requirements for FPWD and send to editors and list Michael Hausenblas 2010-10-12
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Take care of pubrule check and init publication with W3C team contacts Michael Hausenblas 2010-11-09 R2RML
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Help with publication process Harry Halpin 2010-11-09 R2RML
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Create an issue for the default vs. direct mapping Michael Hausenblas 2010-11-02 ddmapping
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Address DanC's points re UCR Michael Hausenblas 2011-08-30 Use Case and Requirements Document
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Prepare a SemTech Tutorial Michael Hausenblas 2011-01-18 Dissemination
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Notify WG when the editor's draft is not frozen for publication Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-11-23
ACTION-81 (edit) closed And Eric to draft Direct Mapping TC Juan Sequeda 2011-03-22 Test Cases
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Create Wiki page with implementation status (and plans thereof) Michael Hausenblas 2010-11-30 Implementations
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Review R2RML ED Ashok Malhotra 2011-04-26 R2RML
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Ask Lee if he can review R2RML ED Michael Hausenblas 2011-01-18 R2RML
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Review Direct Mapping ED Ted Thibodeau 2011-02-01 Direct Mapping
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Review the R2RML ED till end of 01/2011 Ivan Herman 2010-12-14 R2RML
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Nudge Richard C to address the R2RML - DM connection Michael Hausenblas 2011-01-11 R2RML
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Adds issues to , one for Ashok's concern and one re each of the open, inline-Issues in Souripriya Das 2011-01-25 R2RML
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Create a Linked Data issue and draft proposal to address Michael Hausenblas 2011-01-25 linked-data
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Draft a submission for a 50min session for SemTech on Wiki and ping WG mailing list Juan Sequeda 2011-01-11 Dissemination
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Move accepted TC from wiki to Michael Hausenblas 2011-03-22 Test Cases
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Address the R2RML - DM connection Richard Cyganiak 2011-03-22 R2RML
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Identify not-mapping vs. default-mapping issues in R2RML/DM (Wiki or via mail) Souripriya Das 2011-03-22 R2RML
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Create Wiki page with options for disambiguation interface for well-known entities identifier Sören Auer 2011-01-25 R2RML
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Create issues for DM draft Juan Sequeda 2011-01-26 Direct Mapping
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Capture this (multiple subject maps) and other (future) potential error cases in the Wiki (ISSUE-16) Richard Cyganiak 2011-05-24 subjectMap cardinality
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Look into D2RQ implementation and update Richard Cyganiak 2011-05-24 uri-reuse
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Rename Issue 11 and fix it in the DM Juan Sequeda 2011-02-08 Direct Mapping
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Change ISSUE-13 to postponed and add ref from ISSUE-11 to ISSUE-13 Juan Sequeda 2011-02-08 Direct Mapping
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Ask Marie-Claire Forgue if there is a chance to present or discuss RDB2RDF at the W3C track at WWW2011 Michael Hausenblas 2011-03-22 Dissemination
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Investigate alternatives at SemTech Ivan Herman 2011-05-17 Dissemination
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Sum up the possibilities for generating reliable URIs for DM (to avoid bNodes) on the Wiki Ted Thibodeau 2011-05-24 Direct Mapping
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Implement the conditionality of table ownder Souripriya Das 2011-03-08 R2RML
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Implement decision re ISSUE-10 (remove hash) and close ISSUE-10 Juan Sequeda 2011-03-15 Direct Mapping
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Provide text for ISSUE-29 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-03-18 R2RML
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Review R2RML draft and tell editors where notes should be made Sören Auer 2011-03-15 R2RML
ACTION-107 (edit) closed And Souri to resolve ISSUE-27 (note or text proposal) Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-03-18
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Add note re ISSUE-32 to R2RML Richard Cyganiak 2011-03-18
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Address ISSUE-30 Richard Cyganiak 2011-03-18 R2RML
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Implement decision re ISSUE-10 (remove hash) and close ISSUE-10 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-03-18
ACTION-111 (edit) closed clarify that with use of (newly introduced) rr:defaultGraph value for rr:graph property of a PredicateObjectMap, we now allow triples to be produced either in the default graph, or a set of named graphs, or the default graph as well as a set of named graphs Souripriya Das 2011-03-26 Named graphs and default graph
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Edit the restrictions in sec and to include rr:template as well Souripriya Das 2011-03-29 R2RML
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Copy around ~7 issues from the spec to tracker Richard Cyganiak 2011-03-29
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Update paragraph in the introduction that talks about the direct mapping spec Richard Cyganiak 2011-03-29
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Create an issue addressing vendor-specific names like "owner" Sören Auer 2011-05-24
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Create usecase for ISSUE-20 David McNeil 2011-04-05
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Figure out runtime and if charter extension is necessary Ashok Malhotra 2011-06-28
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Put the F2F meeting onto 2011-04-26 agenda Michael Hausenblas 2011-04-26
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Propose a solution for ISSUE-18 (SQL string/multiple triplesMap) - new property Souripriya Das 2011-04-26 R2RML
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Write a proposal to the WG list (close ISSUE-25) giving Soeren the opportunity to react David McNeil 2011-04-26 R2RML
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Follow-up on Eric's post regarding ISSUE-29 concerning string casts Souripriya Das 2011-05-17 R2RML
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for ISSUE-18 Alexander de Leon 2011-05-17 R2RML
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Implement decision re ISSUE-25 Richard Cyganiak 2011-06-28 Direct mapping in custom mappings
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Implement decision re ISSUE-29 (bNodes identifier and URI expressions be of string types) Seema Sundara 2011-08-02 R2RML
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Draft Wiki page with LC sprint time line with Sep 2011 LC Ashok Malhotra 2011-05-17
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-18 resolution and make sure that all class and property names are meaningful Souripriya Das 2011-05-24 SQL query reuse
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Write up a proposal to resolve ISSUE-32 based on today's discussion Richard Cyganiak 2011-05-17
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Find the resolution re what SQL and SPARQL we address and make this explicit core requirements in the UCR document Michael Hausenblas 2011-08-30 Use Case and Requirements Document
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Check re DB2 and SQL-Server for ISSUE-35 (case sensitivity of SQL identifiers) Ashok Malhotra 2011-05-24
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-32 as resolved today (based on Richard Cyganiak 2011-05-24 curly braces in joinCondition
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Write mail to Pat regarding ISSUE-41 - is a blank node an accurate representation of a NULL value from a relational database? Michael Hausenblas 2011-05-24
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Update UML diagrams to reflects changes Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-06-28 R2RML
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Write proposal for issue-22 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-06-28
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Ask Marcelo Arenas whether he is happy to be co-editor of the NULL Note Juan Sequeda 2011-06-21
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Mail Juan/Marcelo re ISSUE-9 Michael Hausenblas 2011-07-26
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Implement names as resolved above Souripriya Das 2011-07-05 R2RML
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Create proposal for IRIs to resolve ISSUE-45 Souripriya Das 2011-07-05 termtype-iris
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Create proposal for ISSUE-37 Ted Thibodeau 2011-07-05
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Move the R2RML extended examples from the specification to the Test Cases document - ISSUE 52 Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-08-09 Test Cases
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Produce an RDF Schema representation of the R2RML vocabulary terms. Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-09-20 Namespace
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Create a SQL/XSD data dataype mapping in the Wiki until next week Nuno Lopes 2011-07-26 sql-datatypes
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Write mail to WG about semantics of POSTPONED Michael Hausenblas 2011-08-09
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Make RDB2RDF WG Issue tracker read-only open to the world Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-08-30
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-34 resolution: drop rr:tableOwner, and instead state that rr:tableName MAY be qualified to include a schema name and a catalog name Richard Cyganiak 2011-07-26 ISSUE-34
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-45 resolution by replacing literals for rr:termTypes with three new IRIs rr:IRI, rr:BlankNode, and rr:Literal Richard Cyganiak 2011-07-26 R2RML
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-47 resolution as proposed in and and mark PENDINGREVIEW Richard Cyganiak 2011-07-26 R2RML
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-29 resolution by stating that conversion to string is done implicitly in any context where a string value is required, and is done according to the rules for SQL's CAST expression. Columns whose type cannot be CAST to string MUST NOT be used in a context that requires a string; and mark the issue as pending review Richard Cyganiak 2011-08-16 R2RML
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Implement resolution re ISSUE-43 Michael Hausenblas 2011-08-02
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Look into how SQL 2008 handles CAST of user-defined types and constructed types to string Nuno Lopes 2011-08-09
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for ISSUE-61 (entity ID look-up table) Richard Cyganiak 2011-08-09
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Check and let WG know if something more is need Richard Cyganiak 2011-08-16
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Figure out and solution with Souri to address ISSUE-64 Juan Sequeda 2011-08-16 ISSUE-64
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Draft a solution for ISSUE-65 and send out to WG Marcelo Arenas 2011-08-16 ISSUE-65
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Draw diagram for Section 9 (rr:translationScheme etc) Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-09-13
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Write a clarification mail to the WG list and ask for Ashok's opinion re extension Michael Hausenblas 2011-08-30
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Update term map diagram with rr:constant Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-09-20 R2RML
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Re-categorize ISSUE-58 Michael Hausenblas 2011-09-13
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Write up implications re dot vs. slash etc. for ISSUE-65 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-09-13
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Create RDFa representation of R2RML vocab Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-09-27
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Add section concerning testing in (re EARL, input/output) Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-10-18 Test Cases
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Add note to R2RML section 6 to the effect that referenced columns are really unqualified column names and that's intentional Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-10
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Add note to 7.3 to explain that you cannot get an un-%-escaped iri from a template, but you can get it by using a view and a column Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-10 R2RML
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Ask Ivan re how other SW groups handle(d) Schema normative (or not) Michael Hausenblas 2011-11-10
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Create issue for the tableName sugar: 1. should we have it at all? 2. should it use different paragraphs? 3. should it apply just to tableName or also sqlQuery and sqlVersion? 4. the handling of this sugar in B.2 is non-obvious Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-10 R2RML
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Consider rephrasing the note that addresses Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-10 R2RML
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Add rr:R2RMLView and rr:BaseTableOrView to schema Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-11-14 Namespace
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Look at the comments 9, 11 and 15 and reply to them officially Juan Sequeda 2011-11-15
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Rewrite R2RML datatypes section, add note on partial XSD implementations, and draft a PROPOSAL to close ISSUE-69 Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-19 datatype sizes
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Research how to phrase a solution for ISSUE-70 in terms of the SQL spec Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-19 SELECT EMP.JOB
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Draft a compromise translation table design for ISSUE-72 Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-19 lookup-table2
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Check whether ISSUE-71 can be addressed using a SQL query that returns row types Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-21 child-parent-collision
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-69 resolution. When done, ask DM editors to do likewise Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-29
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Discuss editorial approach for ISSUE-69 with Richard Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-11-29
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-69 resolution in DM Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-12-02 Direct Mapping
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Update the R2RML to consistently reference XSD 1.1, and update the Status section along the same lines as the OWL2 spec. Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-02 R2RML
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-76 decision regarding default term types Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-13 R2RML
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-77 in DM spec, see Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-12-13
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Email the group regarding cvs history and diffs Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-20
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Review test cases for any that use rr:tableName, rr:sqlQuery or rr:sqlVersion directly on a triples maps; this syntactic sugar is removed by the ISSUE-75 resolution Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2011-12-20 Test Cases
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Imlpement ISSUE-72 resolution by adding translation table example expressed asR2RML view Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-27 R2RML
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-57 resolution Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-27 r2rml-document-syntax
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Email the group summarizing ISSUE-68 position Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-27
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Implement the resolution to ISSUE-68 Richard Cyganiak 2012-01-17 R2RML
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Remove XML Schema Datatypes Dependency paragraph from R2RML ED Richard Cyganiak 2012-01-17
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Implement ericP's change to vendor extension note: Richard Cyganiak 2012-01-24
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Make sure comments 9, 11 and 15 are in the correct DM document Juan Sequeda 2012-01-24
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Review/incorporate Ashok's changes from Richard Cyganiak 2012-01-24
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Update diagram in Section 6 to allow multiple predicate maps and multiple object maps on a PredicateObjectMap Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2012-01-27
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Review and make sure it is in sync with directMapping/LC Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-01-31
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Start negotations re CR with W3CM based on after Editors have cleaned up and David gave thumbs up Ashok Malhotra 2012-02-14
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Prepare R2RML post-LC diff, short summary of R2RML changes for SotD, and long changes in the wiki Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-03
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Write wiki text on relationship between our SQL value mapping and the one in ISO/IEC 9075-14 Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-14
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Fill Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2012-02-07 Test Cases
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Update with reports from Michael Hausenblas 2012-02-14 Implementations
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Propose a more detailed wording concerning i18y requirements Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-02-07
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Contact Antonio Garrote and Toby Inkster re TC Michael Hausenblas 2012-02-14 Test Cases
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Contact Mariano Rodriguez re TC Juan Sequeda 2012-02-14 Test Cases
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Suggest data errors TC Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-14 Test Cases
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Report on comparing graphs experience and provide bash script used in XSPARQL testing on the Wiki Nuno Lopes 2012-02-14 Test Cases
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Beautify re grouping Michael Hausenblas 2012-02-14 Implementations
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Take care of publication of CR docs Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-02-21
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Suggest simple and corner TC to the mailing list Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2012-02-21
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Ping Revelytix re R2RML implementation status Michael Hausenblas 2012-04-10
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Create a new Wiki page for gathering implementation experiences Michael Hausenblas 2012-04-10
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Check back with Boris if the EARL reports already available are usable for generating the IR Michael Hausenblas 2012-06-26 Implementations
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Create a time-stamped version of implementation report Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2012-07-31

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