The RDB2RDF Working Group has published, in September 2012, two Recommendations: “A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF“ and “R2RML: RDB to RDF Mapping Language”. The Working Group has been closed in 2012.

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These are documents produced outside the RDB2RDF Working Group that will be inputs to the standardization work of RDB2RDF WG. Please alert the co-Chairs or Staff Contact of the Working Group if you know of any material that you think merits inclusion.

Schedule of Deliverables

Other Deliverables

These are deliverables that the group plans to produce, in line with the scope description above, but only if the time and the available manpower allows it. The Working Group will have to decide whether these documents will be published as Working Group Notes or additional Recommendations.

Specification FPWD LC CR PR Rec, WG Note, Wiki page
R2RML 9/2010 9/2011 12/2011 3/2012 6/2012 (Rec)
Direct Mapping 9/2010
6/2012 (Rec)
R2RML Test Cases 3/2011 1/2012     3/2012 (Wiki pages)
Direct Mapping Test Cases 3/2011 1/2012     3/2012 (Wiki pages)
Note: The group will document significant changes from this initial schedule on the group home page.

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The working group schedule is an estimate based on the schedule in the charter and subject to negotiation with peer groups via the Semantic Web Coordination Group.

Group Membership and Joining

We encourage new members of the group to introduce themselves by email. The full RDB2RDF WG participants list is available to W3C members.

If you want to join the group:

Meeting Records

The meeting records are maintained on a dedicated Wiki page ...

RDB2RDF history

These events pre-date the RDB2RDF Working Group:

W3C Working Group Resources

Ashok Malhorta , Oracle, Chair
Michael Hausenblas , DERI, Chair
Ivan Herman, W3C, staff contact
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