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The mission of this Incubator Group is two-fold:

  1. To examine and classify existing approaches to mapping relational data into RDF and decide whether standardization is possible and/or necessary in this area and, if so, the direction such standardization could take. The goal is to specify how to generate RDF triples from one or more Relational tables without loss of information. Further, a default mapping should not be used, but, instead, it should be possible for the the mapping to be customized by the user.
  2. To examine and classify existing approaches to mapping OWL classes to Relational data, or, more accurately, SQL queries, moving towards the goal of defining a standard in this area. Each OWL class would be associated with one or more SQL queries which may be run on separate databases. The results from these queries would then be integrated into a single Relational table. This would be transformed into RDF using the approach defined as a result of the first initiative.

See the charter for more information.




  1. A Survey of Current Approaches for  Mapping of Relational Databases to RDF (PDF), Satya S. Sahoo, Wolfgang Halb, Sebastian Hellmann, Kingsley Idehen, Ted Thibodeau Jr, Sören Auer, Juan Sequeda, Ahmed Ezzat, 2009-01-31.

    This  document  surveys  the  current  techniques,  tools  and  applications  for  mapping  between  Relational  Databases  (RDB)  and  Resource  Description  Framework  (RDF).  Some  knowledge  of  RDF  as  well  as  RDB concepts  and  technologies  is  assumed  for  readers  of  this  document.  The  survey  is  intended  to  enable the members of the W3C RDB2RDF Incubator Group to: (1) collate the existing state of the art in mapping approaches between RDB and RDF, and (2) use the reference framework defined in this survey to effectively compare the different mapping approaches.

  2. Incubator Group Report, Ashok Malhotra (ed), 2009-01-31.

    This document is the final report from the RDB2RDF XG. The XG recommends that the W3C initiate a WG to standardize a language for mapping Relational Database schemes into RDF and OWL.

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Ashok Malhotra, RDB2RDF Incubator Group Chair
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