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There are 17 postponed issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-6 (edit)
POSTPONED Missing standard R2RML mappings for popular RDBs 2010-12-09 Dissemination 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
POSTPONED Generate Blank Nodes for duplicate tuples 2011-01-21 Direct Mapping 0
ISSUE-12 (edit)
POSTPONED Hierarchical Tables 2011-01-21 Direct Mapping 0
ISSUE-13 (edit)
POSTPONED Foreign Key and Primary Key rearrangement 2011-01-21 Direct Mapping 0
ISSUE-14 (edit)
POSTPONED Many-to-Many tables 2011-01-21 Direct Mapping 0
ISSUE-15 (edit)
POSTPONED Consistency of formalisms (datalog, set-based and English) 2011-01-21 Direct Mapping 0
ISSUE-17 (edit)
R2RML Mapping for a given ontology
POSTPONED R2RML Mapping of a database schema to a given ontology 2011-01-24 R2RML 0
ISSUE-19 (edit)
Reuse SQL query as sub-query
POSTPONED Reuse a SQL query as a sub-query 2011-02-01 R2RML 0
ISSUE-20 (edit)
predicate/object refer to joined table
POSTPONED Allow a predicate/object map to reference a joined table. 2011-02-01 R2RML 0
ISSUE-36 (edit)
POSTPONED “Terminology-level” triples as part of R2RML mapping output 2011-03-22 R2RML 0
ISSUE-37 (edit)
POSTPONED Allow specifying DB connection details in the R2RML mapping 2011-03-22 R2RML 0
ISSUE-40 (edit)
express in R2RML
POSTPONED Express Direct Mapping in terms of R2RML 2011-04-28 Direct Mapping 0
ISSUE-49 (edit)
POSTPONED SQL terminology in R2RML 2011-07-06 R2RML 0
ISSUE-55 (edit)
POSTPONED Nested predicate-object maps 2011-07-18 R2RML 0
ISSUE-59 (edit)
POSTPONED Syntactic sugar for triples maps that only have a single predicate-object map 2011-07-29 R2RML 0
ISSUE-62 (edit) POSTPONED Re-using public entity identifiers - external service call 2011-07-30 R2RML 0
ISSUE-72 (edit)
POSTPONED Bring back R2RML lookup tables 2011-11-07 R2RML 0

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