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SWAD-Europe  Workshop on Semantic Web Storage and Retrieval
13-14 November 2003, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Goals of the workshop

The goals of this workshop are to:

  1. Bring together existing and new developers working on semantic web data storage and retrieval systems.
  2. Discuss implementation lessons learnt.
  3. Share this information to the wider community.

Workshop outline

Systems for using the RDF family of technologies (RDF, DAML+OIL, OWL ...) of the W3C are maturing after several years of development and improvement.

This workshop aims to bring together existing and new developers of semantic web storage and APIs to share their experiences and lessons learnt - what worked, what didn't work. In particular this workshop will try to cover:

Potential Outcomes


Notes from the meeting are being assembled in the Minutes and report section

Final Agenda

Thursday 13 November 2003

Friday 14 November 2003


Faculty of Sciences, Vrije Universiteit (VU), Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Facilities provided will include networking (wireless), refreshments during breaks and lunch.


This is a free workshop intended primarily for developers. The number of attendees at the workshop is limited to 25. The deadline for position papers has passed (24 October 2003) and the final list of expected attendees has been made.

This is a public workshop. The accepted position papers are also public. Speaker slides will also be available at the web site after the workshop. There will not be a printed proceedings but a public set of minutes and report will be made available after the workshop.


Important dates

24 October 2003 Deadline for position papers PASSED

6 November 2003 Registration closed, position papers online, final agenda available

13/14 November 2003 Workshop dates

Minutes and Report

A set of minutes and a report of the workshop will be made available to the public after the workshop. This is expected to be available mid-December 2003.

The minutes and report are being assembled in SWAD-Europe Deliverable 3.10: Developer Workshop Report 4 - Workshop on Semantic Web Storage and Retrieval as of 2004-01-06.


Transportation to VU

The VU is easy to reach from Schiphol airport and Amsterdam Central Station.

See the location information including map and route information getting to the Faculty of Sciences. Go to entrance 1085 and ask at reception for directions to room G0.88.


Here is a list of hotels:

Hotel AaldersJan Luykenstraat 13-15tel. 020-6620116
fax 020-6734698
Hotel AcroJan Luykenstraat 44tel. 020-6620526
fax 020-6750811
Hotel HestiaRoemer Visscherstraat 7tel. 020-6180801/6123710
fax 020-6851382
Hotel van BongaHolbeinstraat 1hstel. 020-6625218
fax. 020-6790843
Hotel FitaJan Luykenstraat 37tel. 020-6790976
fax. 020-6643969

Preparation - suggested readings

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