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Attention Interest Group participants:

The Mobile Access Interest Group is closed now. This page is no longer maintained.

This is the overview page for the W3C Mobile Access Interest Group. This group is renewed and open to the public. This group is a part of the Device Independence Activity, as the Mobile Access Activity is merged with TV& the Web Activity into the Device Independence Activity.

The aim of this IG is to gather technical requirements from the mobile points of view and review various specifications for mobile devices, and summarize them as a input to the Device Independence Working Group.

For the discussion on Mobile Access, we have a mailing list for the Interest Group: www-mobile@w3.org (archive). There is also an archived member only mailing list at w3c-mobile-ig@w3.org (archive). This mailing list is used for the past Mobile Access IG communication.




Please see the past Mobile Access Interest Group page. (member only link)

Input papers

Please see the past Mobile Access Interest Group page. (member only link)


The chair of this Interest Group is Mark Baker. Although the Interest Group is open to the public, some existing contents of this Group (mailing list archives, Web pages,...) are confidential to W3C members and invited experts. Anyone wishing to join this Group should contact the Chair and Team contact. Each request must include name, title and position statement.

Note: The primary forum for the Mobile Access IG is www-mobile@w3.org mailing list, as the IG has been opened to the public. w3c-mobile-ig@w3.org will be a permanent record of the IG activity.

Bookmarks: Recommended Reading

There are many existing efforts and specifications concerning with Mobile Web Access.

CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies Working Draft
CC/PP is a user-side hardware, software and preferences profile written in Resource Description Framework (RDF), W3C's language for modeling metadata. This document is created with merge of CC/PP Structure and CC/PP Attribute Vocabularies.
CSS Mobile Profile Last Call Working Draft
This specification defines a subset of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Level 2 tailored for mobile devices such as wireless phones. Please send your comments by 1 March. Read more on the CSS home page.
XHTML Basic content can be shared across PCs, TVs, PDAs, pagers, and mobile phones. See the HTML Page for more details.

Timeline: Planning Calendar

1 February, 2001:
Interest Group renewal
31 January, 2002
Interest Group completion


The past Mobile Access IG was created in June 1998, as a part of the Mobile Access Activity which was merged into the Device Independence Activity in February 2001.

30 July, 2000:
Interest Group completion
8 December, 1999:
W3C established formal liaison relationship with the WAP Forum. (Press Release / WAP Forum - W3C CG)
CC/PP WG was created.
1 August, 1999:
Interest Group renewal
30 June, 1999:
Interest Group completion
19 June, 1998:
Creation of W3C Mobile Access Activity and Interest Group

Read more on the past Mobile Access Interest Group page. (member only link)

Related Groups/Organizations

The Mobile Access Interest Group is part of the Interaction domain, but has close relation to the Architecture domain. Our coordination group is the Hypertext Coordination Group.

The Group will maintain contacts with many other Groups within W3C as well as some external groups. See the Coordination with other Groups and Coordination with external groups sections of the Charter for more detail.

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Mark Baker. IG Chair
Kazuhiro Kitagawa, Device Independence Activity lead & Team Contact
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