Anniversary EVENT

The Future of the Web

Thursday 9 June 2016
Makuhari Messe
Chiba, Japan

Part I: Technical Seminar
Part II: Keynotes
Part III: Reception

W3C20 ASIA is the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the first Asian host at Keio University in Japan in September 1996 by W3C, World Wide Web Consortium.

On 9 June, we will celebrate twenty years of work accomplished by stakeholders, talk about the latest technologies and the future of the Web.

Jun Murai, Photo of Jun Murai Father of the Internet in Japan (Internet Samurai)
  • Photo of Jun Murai
  • Photo of Keiichi Koshimizu
  • Photo of Junichi Yoshii
  • Photo of Pindar Wong
  • Photo of Kayo SHOUJI
  • Photo of Naoaki Mashita
  • Photo of Takeshi Natsuno
  • Photo of Kazuo Kajimoto
  • Photo of Joerg Heuer
  • Photo of Johannes Hund
  • Photo of Satoko Takita
  • Photo of Kensaku Komatsu
  • Photo of Tomoya Asai
  • Photo of Junichi Hashimoto
  • Photo of Satoru Higa
  • Photo of Jay Kishigami
  • Photo of Seungyun Lee
  • Photo of Chunming Hu
  • Photo of Angel Li
  • Photo of Kaz Ashimura
  • Photo of Daniel Davis
  • Photo of Ayaka Ikezawa

The Web is for everyone. It is our virtual "Commons" —
shared and made stronger by all. And we need you to make it better.

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In October 1994, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to lead the Web to its full potential. To mark the anniversary this year, W3C invites the Web community to a 3-hour Symposium on the Future of the Web to discuss how the Web community can:

  • Build a more beautiful Web to enable our creative expression;
  • Extend the Web to the many devices people use to improve their lives;
  • Support trusted communications, secure and private; and
  • Empower all people to use and contribute to the Web, including support for diverse languages and accessibility.

The Web turned 25 in 2014. Join us at W3C20 for a look at the future Web.


Photo of Jun Murai

Jun Murai

Father of the Internet in Japan (Internet Samurai)

He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science, Keio University in 1987. Specialized in Computer Science, Computer Network and Computer Communication.

He developed the Japan University UNIX Network (JUNET) in 1984, established WIDE Project in 1988, currently the Founder, research and development of computer networks.

He is a Member of the Strategic Headquarters for the Promotion of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society (IT Strategic Headquarters), chairs and serves on many other governmental committees, and is active in numerous international scientific associations.

1993-1995, Member of Internet Architecture Board (IAB), 1997-2000, Board of trustee of Internet Society (ISOC), 1998-2000, Board of Director of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

He inducted into The 2013 Internet Hall of Fame/ 2011 The Okawa Prize / 2011 IEEE Internet Award / 2007 Funai Achievement Award / 2005 Jonathan B.Postel Service Award

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Photo of Keiichi Koshimizu

Keiichi Koshimizu

Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications

Apr. 1984Joined Canon Co., Ltd

Apr. 2003Member, Saitama City Council (3 terms, 9 years)

Dec. 2012Elected for the first time as a member of the House of

Representatives (HR) (46th General Election)

Dec. 2014Elected to the HR (47th General Election)

Oct. 2015(Present) Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications

(The Third Abe Reshuffled Cabinet)

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Photo of Junichi Yoshii

Jun-Ichi Yoshii

Kodansha, Publishers, Ltd.
Executive Director of Kodansha / IDPF Board Member

I was born1956 in Tokyo.

Graduated Sophia University in 1980 and joined Kodansha.

I have served for the following organizations and the positions to date:
Kodansha(1980 to present: Executive Director (17 years+ experiences as a magazine editor)
Toyokuni Printing (2007 to present: Chairman of Advisory Board)
MobileBook.jp (2005 to present: Board Member)
Voyager Japan (2004 to present: Board Member)
Japan Digital Library Service (2013 to present: Board Member)
Content Works (2001 to 2007: President)
Random House Kodansha (2003 to 2007: Supervisory Board Member)
Publishing Link (2003 to 2007: Board Member)

While my advocacy in physical publishing remains, I wish to support and synchronize with the efforts of developing new publishing frontiers on EPUB and Open Web Platform.

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Photo of Pindar Wong

Pindar Wong

Chairman, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Pindar Wong is an internet pioneer, who co-founded the first licensed Internet Service Provider in Hong Kong in 1993. He is the Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd, a discrete Internet Financial Infrastructure consultancy. In 2015, he helped organize Asia's first Blockchainworkshops.org, Phase 1 and 2 of ScalingBitcoin.org and sponsored the Hong Kong Bitcoin Roundtable.

Pindar is an active member of the W3C Web Payments and Credentials Community Groups. He serves on the School of Engineering Advisory Committee HKUST, the Technical Advisory Board of the Packet Clearing House and Editorial Advisory Board of the Internet Protocol Journal. Previously, he was the first Vice-Chairman of ICANN, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Internet Association, alternate Chairman of Asia Pacific Network Information Center, Chairman of APRICOT and elected Trustee of the Internet Society.

From 2010-2015 he served on the Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Government and the Task Force on Industry Facilitation.

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Photo of Kayo SHOUJI


Director of Digital Media, The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Kayo is employed at NTT Advertising, Inc., and since April 2015, has been working in the Digital Media division as a Director of The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for planning, constructing and operating all digital media for the Tokyo2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. After graduating from the Faculty of Policy Management of Keio University in 1999, she worked as a web producer of Web sites in the music and movie industry. She moved to NTT Advertising in 2004, and has been dedicated to operating the group company’s official Web presence and planning contents for it. A mother of two children, Kayo enjoys jogging and singing A cappella songs.

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Photo of Naoaki Mashita

Naoaki Mashita

President & CEO (Founder), V-cube, Inc.

Naoaki Mashita was born in Tokyo, 1977. Whilst pursuing studies at Keio niversity in 1998, Naoaki established V-cube Internet - now V-cube, Inc. - and assumed the role of Founder & CEO. Thereafter, Naoaki changed V-cube's primary business to visual communications and achieved the No.1 Market Share in Japan's Web Conference market in 2008. V-cube has maintained this position for 9 years.

With the support from Intel Capital in 2009, Naoaki shifted focus to overseas markets and established operations in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. In January 2013, Naoaki relocated to Singapore to stimulate local business development with the goal of becoming the No.1 Visual Communications service provide in Asia. In December 2013, V-cube was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers board. Subsequently in July 2015, V-cube stepped up to main board of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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Photo of Takeshi Natsuno

Takeshi Natsuno

Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, former Advisory Board of W3C

Takeshi Natsuno, Professor of Keio University, majors in Information Technology, network effect on industry, business and government policy.

Widely known as the 'father of mobile Internet', thanks to his achievement of founding i-mode mobile Internet service in 1999.

As Senior Vice President of NTT DoCoMo, he developed e-mail messaging (1999), ringtone downloading service(2000), JAVA based mobile application downloading service(2001), wallet phones(2004) including e-money payment, and mobile credit service(2006). These services have developed by him mainly in Japan, far ahead of smartphone implementation worldwide. Widely regarded as a leading expert on the Internet and mobile multimedia globally, he was named one of the world's 25 most influential e-business leaders by Business Week in 2001. In 2009, he was elected as Advisory Board member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which standardizes HTML and other web technologies (Reelected in 2011). He has been a member of Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum since 2008. He has served as a Special Advisor for the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games since 2014. 

He is now on managements such as independent board members of IT-related corporations, including seven TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) listed companies. He is nominated as member for many Government hosted committees, relating to the Internet and Industry policy. One of the leading global experts on the Internet and Telecommunication.

He graduated from Waseda University in Japan with BA in economics (1988) and received MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1995).

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Photo of Kazuo Kajimoto

Kazuo Kajimoto

Director, Group-Wide CTO Office, Corporate Technology, Panasonic Corporation

Mr. Kajimoto was received the B.E. and M.E. degrees in information science from Kyoto University in 1984 and 1986, respectively. He joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., that is, current Panasonic Corporation in 1986.

Mr. Kajimoto is currently the Senior Councilor of Group-wide Software Strategy, Group-wide CTO Office, Panasonic Corporation and he is in charge of management of corporate level software strategy in various business fields such as Home Automation, Connected Cars and Business Solutions.

Previously, he was one of chief software architect of “UniPhier” which is the system platform of consumer electronics hardware and embedded software designed by Panasonic and which is applied a variety of consumer electronics such as DTV, DVD, Blu-ray, Cellular Phone, and Security Camera Solutions and so on. After that he was promoted as principal architect of cloud based solutions in conjunction with embedded software, currently it is called “IoT (Internet of Things)”.

Mr. Kajimoto is representative of Panasonic Corporation in wide range of software technology field like Linux, Android, Java and process Improvement Technology such as CMMI, ISO26262 and so on. He also sits on guest professor of Tokyo University of Science, a program committee member of Design Science of Kyoto University etc.

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Photo of Joerg Heuer

Joerg Heuer

Head Group Embedded Network, Corporate Technology, Siemens AG

Joerg Heuer received the Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering on digital signal processing and his PhD on meta data coding and processing from the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen. Since 2007 as Program Manager he is responsible for ”Embedded Networks“ in the Siemens Corporate Technology. Beside the core technologies for distributed automation this comprises the application of embedded networks in the respective application domains industry, energy and building automation. His team is active in standardization ranging from electric mobility and Smart Grid in ISO/IEC to Web of Things in W3C and coordinates Siemens activities in several application projects in these domains. He is member of the IEEE and AC Representative of Siemens in the W3C.

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Photo of Johannes Hund

Johannes Hund

Corporate Technology, Siemens AG

Johannes graduated from the University of applied sciences Heidelberg and got his Ph.D. in corporation between Siemens AG and the Institute for High Performance Microelectronics in Frankfurt/Oder. He is working for Siemens Corporate Technology on the fields of web technologies for embedded networks, and massively distributed systems. He is chairing the task force of APIs and protocol bindings within the interest group on the Web of Things within W3C and is active in several related open source projects.

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Photo of Satoko Takita

Satoko Takita

Chair of the Board of Directors, Mozilla Japan

Satoko Takita is the chair of the Board of Directors of Mozilla Japan, which was established in 2004 to promote Mozilla products and related technologies in Japan.

Takita has a long involvement in the IT industry even prior to engaging with Mozilla Japan. She began her career as an engineer at Nichiden Toshiba Information Systems in 1986, and continued working on UNIX and Internet development after moving to Fuji Xerox Information Systems. In 1996, Takita joined the Japanese branch of Netscape Communications and soon relocated to the US to assist with the internationalization and Japanese localization of various products.

Whilst at Netscape, the company opened the source code of its browser software to the public in 1998 giving Takita first-hand experience with releasing an existing product as an open source project. Despite Netscape withdrawing from the Japanese market shortly after in 2001, Takita continued her involvement with Netscape being hired directly by AOL/Netscape in the US as a product manager to assist the Japanese financial sector in their adoption of Web standards and to direct product promotion in Japan.

After leaving Netscape, Takita continued to participate in the independent Mozilla project which had developed around the open source technology released by Netscape. In 2004, she established Mozilla Japan as a non-profit organization of which she was appointed the chair of the board in July 2006.

Since then, Takita has been involved in teaching graduate students at Keio University and Chuo University since 2007 and 2009 respectively where she acts as a part-time lecturer.

In 2009, Takita was honored as the Nikkei Woman of the Year in its leader division. In the same year, she also received the Japan Open Source Software Contributor Award for her contribution towards open source software both at Netscape and Mozilla. In 2010, Takita was awarded the Special Contribution Award at the 9th Northeast Asia Open Source Software Promotion Forum.

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Photo of Kensaku Komatsu

Kensaku Komatsu

R&D Technical Manager in Department of Technology Development in NTT Communications

Kensaku Komatsu is a R&D technical manager in Department of Technology

Development in NTT Communications. His recent interest is how real-time communication adopted to the market. For example, He and his team has been providing WebRTC signaling gateway trial service, SkyWay, in three years. He has a lot of insight for real-time web systems. He is a co-founder of japan HTML5 community, html5j.

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Photo of Tomoya Asai

Tomoya Asai

Techincal Strategy Manager, Mozilla Japan

Tomoya Asai started his career as a student by translating technical Web documentations and managing the release of Japanese versions of Mozilla products since Firefox 1.0. After receiving his masters degree, he joined Mozilla Japan sympathizing with Mozilla’s goal of making the Internet a common resource that benefits all. Today he is engaged in a variety of activities including expanding the Web ecosystem by working on product deployment with partner corporations, R&D, and community building. He also works as an “Dreaming Evangelist” at Mozilla Japan, sharing the allure of newest Web technologies and Mozilla products.

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Photo of Junichi Hashimoto

Junichi Hashimoto

Researcher, Security Development Group, KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.

Junichi Hashimoto has been working as a research engineer on security at KDDI R&D Labs., Inc. since he received his Ph.D. from JAIST. He developed a coupon system using NFC/SIM and designed a comic delivery system on HTML5. As for Firefox OS, a web platform for smartphones, he investigated its security and leaded a team that developed a device-to-device file sharing. He has researched on the protection of web apps and also created a work of art that integrates electronic components and web technologies. From 2015, He is a moderator of the security and privacy task force that is formed in W3C Automotive BG/WG.

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Photo of Satoru Higa

Satoru Higa

Programmer/Visual Artist

Satoru has been representing real-time 3D graphics and computer visions with using advanced programing technologies. His performance is not only installations, theater directions and VJing but continues wide-ranged activities.

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Photo of Jay Kishigami

Jay Kishigami

Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology; NTT Senior Advisor; Advisory Board W3C

Prof. Kishigami is a dean at Muroran Institute of Technology since 2012 and had served as a Professor at UTAR in Malaysia in 2012 through 2013. He is now working at Blockchain, Data Mining, and Machine Learning also. Before that, he had been working at NTT Lab and NTT America more than 30 years. During NTT era, he had been studying and leading a variety of fields such as solid state physics, ICT and IPTV. He was also selected as the finalist for an astronaut by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in 1986. As his academia aspect, he served as a Professor at Univ. of Tokyo, a Visiting Professor at Kochi Univ. of Tech, Rikkyo Univ. and a Adjunct Professor at Hokkaido Univ. Also he has been committed as a member or leader at more than 20 government committees. He was elected as only Japanese member at W3C Advisory Board in 2014 and 2016.

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Photo of Seungyun Lee

Seungyun Lee (Dr.)

Director, Service Standard Research Bureau, Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute

Dr. Seungyun Lee is a director of Service Standard Research Section in Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in Korea. He is currently a project manager of many government projects in the area of the future ICT technologies including Future Web, Cloud Computing and Future Converged Services as well. He has over 16-year experiences and expertise on the development of ICT technologies and Standards with IEFT, ITU-T, W3C, JSO/IEC JTC1, APT ASTAP, etc. He is currently a W3C office manager in Korea since 2008 and a Convenor of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38/WG3(cloud computing) since 2010.

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Photo of Chunming Hu

Chunming Hu

北京航空航天大学計算机学院 副教授 科研副院長 工学博士
W3C/Beihang Deputy Director

Chunming Hu had worked for the ex W3C China office since 2006 and then he joint W3C team in Jan 2013 as the Deputy Director of W3C/Beihang. He has a PhD degree on computer science and currently works as an associate professor at Beihang University. Now he is the Vice Dean of School of Computer Science, Beihang University and his main research interests includes distributed systems, software middleware, system virtualization and resource scheduling in cloud systems.

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Photo of Angel Li

AnQi (Angel) Li

Site Manager of W3C/Beihang

Angel Li joint W3C China Office as the business manager in the year of 2006. Since 2010, she had been devoted to setting up the fourth host of W3C in China together with W3C team and Beihang University. In January 2013, as the Host of W3C in China was officially launched in Beihang University, Angel Li was assigned as the Site Manager of W3C/Beihang site. Now she is responsible for managing the W3C/Beihang site and W3C China activities including Member recruiting and other W3C related work.

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Photo of Kaz Ashimura

Kaz Ashimura

Project Associate Professor, Keio University
W3C Staff Contact for Auto, WoT, TV, MMI and Geo, W3C/Keio

Kaz joined the W3C Team at Keio University SFC in April 2005. Prior to joining the Team, Kaz worked for twelve years on research and development of speech and natural language processing. He is interested in Web technologies in general. He works for W3C standardization on Automotive, Web of Things (WoT), Web&TV, Multimodal Interaction (MMI) and Geolocation. He would like to make people happy using those technologies. Kaz received his B.S. in Mathematics from Kyoto University and his Doctor of Engineering degree from Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

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Photo of Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis

MC for the Technical Seminar

Daniel is currently a community manager at the search engine DuckDuckGo, working remotely from Kamakura in Japan. He helps support the developer community to extend DuckDuckGo with open source Instant Answers, as well as organising online hackathons. Previously he worked with W3C at the Keio Shonan Fujisawa Campus both as a technical specialist for Web on TV, and as part of the communications team.

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Photo of Ayaka Ikezawa

Ayaka Ikezawa

MC for the Reception

Ayaka Ikezawa was born in 1991 in Tokyo. She graduated from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies of Keio University. She got an honorable mention award in a Toho Cinderella Audition and debuted in a movie, titled ROUGH. She has participated actively in dramas and movies as well as playing the role of an IT engineer. Her recent starring roles include roles in Totteoki Sunday (NHK), Ameba Prime (Ameba TV) and she also published the books, "Ruby Programming for Kids" (Nikkei BP) and "Let's Start Programming to Enable Your Dream" (Daiwashobo).

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Part I: Technical Seminar

MC: Daniel Davis

Registration site (only Japanese site at the moment) is open for the technical seminar.


New common sense of the Web. Web platform drive your business
-Tomoya Asai, Mobile & Ecosystem Manager, Mozilla Japan



IoT Security and WoT
-Joerg Heuer, Head Group Embedded Network, Corporate Technology, Siemens AG
-Johannes Hund, Corporate Technology, Siemens AG
-Kazuo Kajimoto, Director, Group-Wide CTO Office, Corporate Technology, Panasonic Corporation
-Junichi Hashimoto, Security Development Group, KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.
-Kaz Ashimura, W3C/Keio, Keio University - Moderator


Tokyo2020 - Current Web Accessibility and the Future
- Kayo Shouji, Director of Digital Media, The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olymic and Paralympic Games


Part II: Keynotes

Registration site is open for the keynotes.

Evolving the Design of the Internet and Web
- Pindar Wong, Chairman, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd
- Seungyun Lee, Director, Service Standard Research Bureau, Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute
- Chunming Hu, W3C/Beihang Deputy Director, Associate Professor; Vice-president of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University
- Jun Murai, Dean/ Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University


The Future of Internet Communication
- Naoaki Mashita, President, Vcube Inc.


W3C Anecdotes and Outlook
- Takeshi Natsuno, Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, former Advisory Board of W3C


Part III: Reception

MC: Ayaka Ikezawa

Registration site is open for the reception.

Complimentary Speech
- Keiichi Koshimizu, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Commmunications
20th Anniversary Celebration
- Jun-Ichi Yoshii, Executive Director of Kodansha / IDPF Board Member
- Satoko Takita, Chair of the Board of Directors, Mozilla Japan
Web technology will make what? Innovative show cases from HTML5 community [Read abstract ↓]
- Kensaku Komatsu, R&D technical manager in Department of Technology Development, NTT Communications
We, representatives from community of HTML5 in Japan, will show up several demonstration as a lightning talk style. Please take a moment with fun. We believe that you’ll find out the image of future and potential of Web.
Greetings from W3C Beihang
- AnQi (Angel) Li, Site Manager of W3C/Beihang
Greetings from W3C Advisory Board
- Jay Kishigami, Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology; NTT Senior Advisor; Advisory Board W3C
Visual Sound Performance
- Satoru Higa, Programmer/Visual Artist



Makuhari Messe
2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku
Chiba-city 261-8550

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By public transportation (Train):


Dress Code

Business casual suggested.

The W3C20 ASIA is held as a special conference of Interop 2016.